The further I get into decolonization, the more distant I feel from being categorized into "non-binary". It's technically correct, but I don't vibe with it. Much like my political and spiritual leanings, I don't have an exact word for It so I leave it at, "I'm indigenous, bro"

The White Stripe Is For Non-Binary type colonialism in NB spaces 

the discourse today surrounding the middle stripe of the trans flag pretty well encapsulated some of the reasonings i feel to not latch onto 'non-binary' as an identity

binarism is a white western idea forced onto us by colonizers, but the colonist slant remains even in non-binary spaces so long as white people continue to talk over and belittle the Black and Indigenous queer folk that have and continue to do the hard labor of decolonizing gender norms. throwing off the lashings of my binary gender was meant to be freeing but there remains those that wish to police the space to their own aesthetic morality of whiteness.

my culture, my history, my perspective of the world as an indigenous person removed from my homeland by invasion and made into an amalgamation of things haphazardly thrown together to create a new identity all heavily influence my gender status, one that cannot find a place beside the white gaze of "The White Stripe Is For NonBinary" Non-Binarism

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also just a commentary on flags, all flags but including pride flags 

I'm also gonna just say: The fucking flag is just a flag. Its extremely uncomfortable to witness holy allegiance to a rectangle of stripey fabric and to preach that the TAINTING or alteration of which is fundamentally ruining it on some kind of grounds that, ngl, hardcore resonate with white nationalism

like i know the person that started this was canadian, but i was raised in the USA and here the people that clutch and preach over flags as a literal identity, as a holy relic not to be changed or challenged and not a loose umbrella of commonality are pretty dangerous people

also just a commentary on flags, all flags but including pride flags 

@popstar Been trying to find a flag that I can get personally behind, in a national identity way, as an Australian is pretty tough. There just doesn't seem to be anything that doesn't have really bad history or current uses.

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