Catching a lot more blocks from former mufos lately. I guess Star was fun when I was a dumbass bimbo that was too scared to say much of anything and stand my ground and let my insecurities eat me up. I was acceptable when I was quietly anti black and enabling others to also do the same thing, but now that I've realized what a shitty person I was being and started trying to correct myself, now I'm just starting discourse and being sanctimonious.

The real gag of it all is that it's all white former mufos and white passing NBPoC that have a problem with me suddenly. When you look up and the people cheering you on belong to the oppressor class and the marginalized people you claim to support have disengaged from you, it's time to reevaluate what your position actually is.

Please do us both a favor and just block me if I'm really that annoying.

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imagine that the rebuttal to me highlighting anti-blackness is the cryptic threats to release my half a year old private discord messages with "your posts never go away", as if you never talked shit about the people you're coddling now lmao

some nbpoc only wanna claim their heritage when it benefits them, but the moment it comes to taking accountability suddenly the white victim complex jumps out

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@popstar Sorry you are going through this grief. If they block you, it's their loss.

@popstar Personally, I don't just follow you because you're fun – I follow you because you're a whole person with opinions, thoughts, and things which are important enough for you to speak out about. And I want to hear those thoughts and opinions. Because I like you and that's what friends do.

If anyone feels otherwise, you're better off without them. You don't need that energy in your life.

Stay delightful 💚

@popstar I'm actually following you a lot because of the journey I saw you take.

I remember when you were in the thick of it, and I was just looking at this group of people and... 🤷‍♀️

When I saw you leave, and call it out, and calling out yourself, it's the kind of skills I want to hone.

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