phyiscally unable to stop thinking about ancient dog figurine

@tom do you happen to know where and what period it's from?


@anarchiv @tom HI!! I have to tell you that this style of pottery literally translates to "fattened dog" and i love it so much

i'm not sure how far to go into the pre-columbian mesoamerican relationship with dogs bc it can be upsetting to some people but ican tell you this art symbolized how very important these dogs were to the people!

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@popstar @tom
I'm very aware of said relationship... anyway, do you happen to know what period this might be from, friend?

@anarchiv @tom them so fat!!!

i think these are from whats called the Late Formative Period which is like 300 BC to 600 AD. i'm not 100% sure WHICH culture made it because Colima was home to several indigenous tribes including the Nahua, Otomi, Tolteca, and Chichimeca

i will say for anyone worried that these dogs were deeply revered, well taken care of, and loved.

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