mexican vs Mexican™️

mexican: Has one or two salsas in their fridge, one spicy and one mild, either bought or homemade

Mexican™️: Has six different salsas in various containers scattered across the fridge with no labels because they can tell you exactly who made it just by smelling it, ranging the entire spectrum from Fuck You to Fuck You For Expecting To Taste Ever Again

mexican: Asking the wait staff for hot sauce or extra chilies
Mexican™️: Pulling a jalapeno out of their purse or pocket that was cut from their own garden on the way out because the restaurant doesnt have good enough chilies

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@popstar ah yes. Trying to find the punchiest habanero sauce to pack it in as little volume as possible for a conference? Check.

(Colleagues from India were all over it, too.)

@federicomena my mother was well known for carrying tapatio in her purse *everywhere*. she had a holster for it. my grandma used to carry pickled jalapenos and carrots in a jar with her when she went out too lmfao

@federicomena it was literally like a leather vaquero six shooter gun holster lmao. It was beaten in enough to hold a bottle of tapatio

@witchfynder_finder lmao. that wasnt a joke, i really dont understand what you were trying to ask

@popstar Oh lmao

The salsa runs the spectrum from "Fuck You to Fuck You If You Ever Wanted To Taste Again"

So what's in the middle of that? What's a 5?

@witchfynder_finder OH

5 is a Fuck You. a 1 is like Pico de Gallo or salsa fresca with exactly 1 very mild jalapeno and it doesnt have a name it just comes with mocking side eyes from your family for being too white washed to handle spice lmao


She usually drops some by with bomb ass tamales for the holidays. My favorite time of the year.
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