its weird to me how growing as a person often gets substituted with gender. "I have grown as a creator and a woman" "I have grown as a man" can you imagine if we did this with other orientations?

"I have grown, both as an artist and a enby."

"I have grown, not just as a coach but as a genderfluid bigender eldritch horror"

this post has made me realize we dont have many words for other gendered people. we have like man, woman, boy, girl, and enby and then various re-spellings for reclaimation but not many unique words

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since i'm agender i declare myself uhm, i'm uh.. i'm an. agen. yes. my denonym as an agender person is agen.

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oh no i've realized with my lisp that if i said 'agen' outloud it sounds like 'asian' what a uniquely bewildering situation

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I see this post and raise you “agent” and “agenda”

@winter @popstar does this mean agent smith from the matrix is agender

@popstar I have been annoyed about this a bunch. :)

(It doesn't help that I Do Not Like "enby" and only grudgingly allow myself to be called non-binary at all.)

@popstar that's because gender is understood as the basal identity, you can replace it with "as a person" and the meaning is the same. In fact, using another kind of identity would sound more noticeably weird and somewhat cultist...

@popstar Most traditional languages simply weren't meant to be used like that. Even the best artificial language I know about handles this by having words for he, she, and both a neuter and pan gendered versions for each. Which aren't just "It" or "they" which obviously come with their own problems.

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