the most insidious part of cancel culture isn't that it comes for innocent people, or even that it unfairly punishes people for minor mistakes. the most gruesome part is that its hit a crescendo in the mainstream that any sort of attempt to have serious discussions surrounding accountability or policing one's own community and expelling bad actors gets hit with the label of Cancel Culture and entirely delegitimizes all of the work people are doing, and in some ways vindicates the person in question. no matter what they've done, it can be absolved by "Cancel Culture Hate Mob"

and we see this, like, a lot. the moment bad actors get a handle on how to use social justice language, they immediately set out to warp it and make it meaningless. "problematic", "toxic", "cancel", hell even half the people i know don't know what black face actually is. it gets thrown around so carelessly that people get whipped up into a rage over charcoal and clay face masks but still struggle to understand why Ariana Grande or the Kardashians have been accused of black face lmao

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@popstar Reminded of how 'gaslighting' has become such a vague term.

@popstar god i hate the term problematic, i like. cant take it seriously anymore

@popstar tale as old as time, abusers pretending to be the real victim and adopting whatever language or disguise works in the moment. (See also: witch hunt, uncivilized, satanic, SOCIALISM, etc)

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