I'm so frazzled that I just tried to brew sugar in my coffee maker :blobsweats:


Anyway here's some wild tomatillos from our garden. We didn't plant them but they're doing really well. We've also got cherry tomatoes and peppers galore AND three years after planting the vines we're getting teeny tiny but very sweet little red grapes 🍇

@popstar haha, we planted tomatillos ONCE and had tomatillos for like fifteen years thereafter. :)


@popstar I'm thinking about planting grapes, too! May I ask how much of a problem you have with wasps and the grape berries? I remember my parents' peach tree which was literally infested with them every summer (and no peaches left for us).


@Kiki we don't have too bad of a wasp or yellow jacket problem concentrated on any one area fortunately. We have several fruiting fig trees, peaches, and grapes so they're usually spread enough that we can deal with them either with sugar traps or by watering before we head in. That and we keep bird feeders which ofc attracts birds that also help out.

@klendool its not really a shell, its like a leafy papery skin

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