Yeah, in case anyone forgot, the admin of, Anna, is hella racist and just all around awful. What started as me calling attention to a racist message I got from one of her users, in which several ethnic slurs and a sentiment that this person was glad for the genocide of my ancestors were used, turned into months long backlash that eventually escaped the fedi and began to follow me around the internet and offline with threats to call ICE on my immigrant family. I never found out if Anna did this or her kiwiifarms friends did but it was a direct result of her villifying me. The last I saw of her, she was having a meltdown over barbaric savage Mexicans and how the scary brown people wanted to drink her blood and if you don't know why that's upsetting please read up on how the Catholic Church justified what they did to the indigenous of Mexico.

Don't fucking federate with and if you do, please let me know so we can defederate from you.

PS I'm NOT responsible for providing anyone with receipts about this, especially w.l users. Many people have dropped evidence over the course of years now. Instead of defending Anna, listen to the dozen or so people still left with horror stories about her.

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@popstar This! And if your instance does still federate with them, speak to your admin and if they don't de-federate, leave this instance. There's no excuse to stay on an instance which federates with w.l

@popstar I have all her myriad accounts blocked, how do you tell if you're defederated?

@ItsJenNotGabby When you go to this page are you able to see the "Unavailable Content" section? It would show all the silences and suspensions on your instance.

I can't see it but some admins keep it viewable for logged in users of the instance only. @popstar

@sunflowers @popstar yeah, I believe it's instance viewable only, and I'll ask my admins about it

@ItsJenNotGabby @popstar seeing as how your admin had to be told about what happened like this year I think it's safe to say you're federated

@wintgenstein @popstar we are, and I asked about it, so hopefully it gets fixed soon

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