trying to rebrand "white privilege" as "white blessing" is literally the most white shit i could possibly imagine lmfaooo

yes, slavery and systemic genocide sure was a blessing for y'all white folk

of COURSE this was brain stormed up by a white christian man. of course.

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i'm so angry about this lmao.

"white blessing" is some manifest destiny bullshit. "white blessing" is what enabled the pioneers expanding west to absolve themselves of guilt for pushing west through obviously occupied land and laying waste to the indigenous nations. "white blessing" is what forced my ancestors into residential schools and torture by Spanish missionaries. holy shit.

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this thread is muted because its making me angry to think about, but briefly i want to comment that i'm relieved so many white accomplices are as disgusted by this mindset as i am.

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@popstar ew wtf

Are the people doing that straight up racists or oblivious liberals?

@Siphonay @popstar We wouldn't be surprised if it were both, tbh. Liberals are basically "monkey see, monkey do" when it comes to this stuff thanks to their mindset of having to "work with" their more extremist fellow bigots.

@KitsuneAlicia @Siphonay it was Louie Giglio, whose the pastor of the megachurch known as Passion City Church so uh, probably both yeah

@Siphonay @popstar "straight up racist" and "oblivious liberal" arent mutually exclusive

@popstar "The blessing that God gave to the white man..."

...he says while ignoring how God's only son wasn't white and was subjected to immense torture at the hands of antisemites.

@KitsuneAlicia @popstar The """funny""" thing is, is that in Christian literature, there's no interpretation for "white people's" lot in life, but there's a shitton of interpretation for black people's lot in life.

He's just taking that, then flipping and reversing it to sound...I dunno!? I dunno what the motivation for that is.

@popstar Ah, geez! We're eating lunch and this almost made us hurl!

Why are racists so sickening?

@popstar "turn that privilege into a blessing so it's not so negative!" is fucking /wild/ wow

@witchfynder_finder Louie Giglio, literally like, the pastor and founder of Passion City Church the megachurch and network down in Atlanta lmao

@popstar Calling it "white blessing" just makes it sound even more like some white supremacist bullshit. Maybe that rebranding will backfire and people will start thinking about what privilege really is and how profoundly it's affected things.

@popstar I'm just ... it's so openly, explicitly racist. There's literally no way to defend it.

White vullshit 

@popstar I lookedit up and wow. Did you see this "But we miss the blessing of slavery, that it actually built up the framework for the world that white people live in."

@popstar i have nothing to add this is just a gross & baffling concept

@popstar It's proper "white man's burden" level poisonous thinking. The worst. Ugh.

That's gross.

That's literally the inverse of the argument that slave owners used, citing the bible as to why blacks were cursed to be a servant class.

So instead of going: "blacks are cursed to be the white man's slave", they're going "whites are *blessed* as champions of humanity!"


@somarasu @popstar IMO it's pretty much the lich White Supremacist Theology coming out and polishing its deathly bones in public.

@popstar oh my fucking God who's doing this? I need to go drag em off and have a sit down with 'em to be like "what are you doing, look at your life, look at your choices"

@popstar Who the…

What the…

You know, never mind, I disown them all

@popstar That's beyond disgusting. As if this was God granted rather than taken by doing the unthinkable.

@popstar a priest whose blog i follow put it really well when discussing how to be thankful for things and gave as a counterexample how it's not appropriate to be thankful for having successfully stolen something

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