normalize scheduling your chores into smaller chunks, and be at peace with taking breaks between those chunks. there's no shame in giving four quarters ass if that's all you can do at a stretch, because .25 will add up into 100

Also like become chill with just being a person that has a chair in your kitchen and sometimes sits while cooking. Find hacks around spreading your energy. You have my permission to sit down and conserve your energy.

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@popstar seriously this all-or-nothing perfectionism, like once you start cleaning you can't rest until it's "complete," or once you're cooking that's all you should be doing--it's more limiting to many people and workflows than helpful imo.

@ljwrites yup. I agree. It's damaging and nonsensical. Why is my cleaning effort lesser because I didn't drive myself into non functional exhaustion? It's not. My room, my house are exactly the same clean, dinner got made exactly as tasty and nutritiously if I take breaks and spread out my time or don't

@popstar destroy the puritan idea of industriousness and suffering as virtue

@ljwrites @popstar we don't have a dishwasher right now and at first i got into this really bad spiral where the dishes would pile up and i would look at them and say "oh no i don't have the energy to do all this right now" and the pile would just get bigger and bigger and make me feel more and more overwhelmed

then just very recently, like over the past month, i shifted my thinking to be like "you know what i can wash a few plates here, scrub out a pan there" and it's made such a gigantic difference

@ebeth @ljwrites @popstar doing dishes while the kettle is running for tea was a lifesaver for me

@maloki @ebeth @ljwrites yuuup. its the same for me. we have a dishwasher now, but still sometimes things just sit and crust over and it can be overwhelming but just telling myself "I can set these aside to soak while I set the kettle" and then "Okay, I can rinse these while my tea steeps" has been like, game changer.

also just breaking down the after dinner mess into, pack away leftovers, sit for a bit, organize dishes, sit down a bit, wash small dishes, sit for a bit, wash larger dishes, sit for a bit, then final stretch of wiping things down and sweeping. and it really only takes a couple minutes longer than if i tried powering through it and got progressively slower and more tired and sloppy. it works.

@popstar I do this on the reg. With a small antique stool, but sometimes I will just drag a chair over from the dining table. Also why I bought an ikea bench to keep in my bathroom!

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