fatphobia, trump is a piece of shit and not because he's fat 

doing the most to hawhaw about how fat trump is does nothing to harm him and everything to hurt your fat friends that have to deal with your disgusting bullshit

fat people arent inherently lacking in morals because we're fat, thats some eugencist bullshit, but you sure are lacking in morals if you continue to say that shit

fatphobia, trump is a piece of shit and not because he's fat 

people that reach startling sizes dont do so because we cant stop eating and there's no metric to say one reason is better than the next. people get fat because of genetics, medications, injuries, but the number one reason is mental illness.

fat people become fat because most of us are dealing with extreme trauma. the combination of depression, meds, and coping does bad things to a body on a hormonal level that prevents the body from losing weight.

what about those of us fat from childhood? a lot of us get treated like shit by doctors and told we're too fat by the time we're 8. eight years old. no matter how much you run and plan and eat fruit and veg, some kids are chubby/ i was a fat vegetarian that never had pop or candy and grew up on a ranch. i was chubby bc it turns out i grew up to be 5'9". if my doctors had left me alone i'd be normal size but they put me on a diet, made me hate myself, and forced me to develop hardcore eating disorders

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fatphobia, trump is a piece of shit and not because he's fat 

eating disorders RUIN your body's ability to regulate itself. it forces you into a permanent state of survival. dieting does the same thing. its called yo-yo dieting. you diet your way UP to fat sizes, because the moment you stop restricting well guess what the fuck happens, you gain it all back and then some because you body is freaking out over "oh my god we need to store in case we go through starvation again!"

and then the cycle begins anew until you are just fat.

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anyway i'm eternally mad about fatphobia and i will fight all of you straight sized fuckers. to sum it up:

*fat people are still people
*fat people are not lacking in morals
*you are the one lacking in morals for treating fat people badly
*the medical industry causes fatness and then punishes people for it
*dieting doesnt work
*fuck you, i'm fat and i love myself and its great

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fat people loving themselves makes skinny people mad because we've learned to break away from the beauty industry's stranglehold and they're still clawing for a fictional ideal lol

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oh. and fatness is more then purely an accessibility issue. it is also most definitely a racism issue as well and something i inadvertently skimmed over just now. there's a reason why black, indigenous, mexican, filipino, etc tend to be fat in the USA and its gonna SHOCK YOU to find out its not because those people are inherently lazy and frivolous the way white supremacy tells you :pika_surprise:

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fatness and racism and poorness 

oh but surely lali is making mountains out of molehills! they're hysterical!

go, to, like, literally where the majority of people are non-white and you'll very quickly notice a couple things:
1) most people are fat
2) most people are poor

but surely those things contradict each other! wrong, motherfucker. maybe someone literally on the verge of starvation could be skinny poor, but we are in a new era of poor. one enforced by the elite to keep brown people too sick and tired to revolt. its a new era of poorness that floods our POC neighborhoods with fast food and convenience stores that don't sell fresh produce, or sells it as a steep cost, or only sells preserved veg steeped in sodium and sugar to make it taste better. this is the face of being poor today.

well why dont they just go to a place with a normal market? okay how? with what car? how do they fund the gas if they have a car? how do they maximize their $15 for three kids and themselves? they can't. its mcdonalds again because at the end of the day, feeding your kids is better than not

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the oxymoron of "the usa is the fattest country but wastes so much food" 

do i really have to break it down at this point? with the ever expanding gap between classes, is it any wonder we are a fat nation? yes the fast food is a problem, yes the pop and candy and leisure is a problem. but its not the root cause and you are stonked if you continue to believe people are willingly wrecking themselves like this.

the USA is a fat country because we are poor country flooded with little other options due to inaccesibility to good nutrition either due to physical distance or affordability. we have stagnant wages. we are building mega blocks of homes with no grocery is walking distance. we have no affordable physical or mental healthcare.

how can you really look at all of this and think omigawd fat people are gross!

capitalism is gross. your lack of empathy is gross. if you want healthier people, start rallying for affordable healthcare, better wages, better public transportation, more green grocers in the inner cities. stop being racist, ableist, and just a piece of utter shit because we show the physical symptoms of our society's bullshit

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fatness, a thread sum up, i'm done 

okay now i'm really done being mad about it for now. the thread sum up:

*fatness is a multi-faceted issue that includes: systemic racism, mental illness, physical illness, sexism, lack of healthcare, stagnant wages, car culture and the shitty infrastructure that came with it, capitalism, food deserts, it really goes on and on

*fat people are people and people deserve respect

*fat people have the highest rates of eating disorders and the lowest help available for it- the most deadly ED is "EDNOS" which is where fat people get categorized for not reaching a specific BMI and thus are allowed to persish

*BMI is actually meaningless

*Fatness is more than not having comfy chairs and clothes, its a physical oppression forced on us by circumstances outside out control and then brings punishment on us for it

*You are actually participating in a lot of bigotry for being fatphobic even outside of fatphobia

*just dont be shitty. fat people arent doing anything to you. be a good ally and shut your mouth, rally for better healthcare, better food for all, and stop making fatphobic remarks about trump because you are not hurting him, you are hurting your own friends and family

if you like any of my threads and you can afford it, you should sponsor this fat poor queer at ko-fi.com/newfire

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fatness, a thread sum up, i'm done 

@popstar GOOD THREAD


fatness, a thread sum up, i'm done 

I love this whole thread! Thank you ❤️

fatness, a thread sum up, i'm done 

Is fatophobic a real phobia?

fatness, a thread sum up, i'm done 

@MsQueenE1 in the same way that homophobia is a real phobia, as in its less driven by a literal phobia and more driven by hatred

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