This post is muted but by all means continue to out yourselves and your internalized racism and fragile white feelings. Also thanks for the 710 notes.

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People trippin on me being anti white racist 🙄 I can't be white racist, my girlfriend is white. My best friend is 1/4 white.

For more anti white content you can patron me at for stories centered around Mexican and indigenous queers or just donate to me directly at my Kofi in my profile

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@popstar C'est intellectuellement malhonnête, parce-qu'on peut sans trop de doute trouver deux exemples inverses, mais c'est drôle quand-même.


Besides, it's clearly a fake. When have you seen #Amazon delist a #scammer?


@popstar Interesting, the asshole happens to be a white male, the good people happen to be muslims.
When will the mainstream realize that A LOT of, if not the most, evil in the world comes from white males?

@popstar Disclaimer: You individually are not necessarily evil if you happen to be a white male. *sigh*
I am presenting a systemic thing here.

@popstar i was just saying in the fedi muc essentially how that dickwad could be doing what that couple is doing instead

@popstar this is actually racist towards non whites wtf

@reyhan @popstar This post is not about white people. It is about human support.
Read about #whitefragility.

@reyhan @popstar Well, no. It happens to be a white male, who is evil. I cannot see your point.

@carl @popstar read it again: "white culture vs the culture they want you to be scared of"

@reyhan @popstar Sorry, I misunderstood. Still, I do not see "romantic racism" here.

@carl @popstar 1. capitalism and its free market are a world wide economic system. Black & Brown people (and their "cultires") are no except to that. 2. drawing conclusions from individuals actions about the nature of a so called culture is essentialist and racist, even if the assumptions are in good faith. 3. "white people are racists" is not essential, because the very "structure" of "whiteness" is about racism, which can be proven to be a systemic isse. (1/2)

@carl @popstar 4. however, telling that "white culture is about being greedy capitalists but black/Brown ppls culture is not" is not about a systemic issue, it's simply not true. It's just as racists as traveling to a country because "the people there are so much more connected to nature" (which is just the kind way of picturing them as savages) although their economies & culture are just as "modern" and, say, destructive to ecology, as any other capitalist society on the planet.

@reyhan @popstar
1. Implored worldwide by which culture specifically? I consider this another consequence of colonialism.
Side remark: The Islam and the Judaism have different economic proceedings backed from their scripture.

@reyhan @popstar I did not draw conclusions. I simply pointed out that the a..hole happens to be a white male. I did not insinuate that all white males are a..holes nor the other way round (see posting under my original post).
You saw conclusions and made assumptions.

@reyhan @popstar
3. The invention of racism by white people made it necessary to describe "the other" in order to find/define their own identity. whiteness is very often quietly omitted thus trying to set the human standard and norm to white.

@popstar does damn immigrants ruining our economy with communism

@popstar Dirtbags will be dirtbags... And this one's a masterpiece!

@popstar greed is sadly a universal affair - I'm a non-white who lives in a non-white country and I see behavior like that Amazon sellers all around me. 😕

All races have their good people and assholes

@popstar Wow, the original article

"Mr. Colvin said he was simply fixing “inefficiencies in the marketplace.” Some areas of the country need these products more than others, and he’s helping send the supply toward the demand."...

He thought about it more. “I honestly feel like it’s a public service,” he added. “I’m being paid for my public service.”"

💀 The Brain Worms have won 💀


cant find the story but he got busted pretty quickly after that article

some ppl on birdsite had his address within hours and, uh, authorities got involved soon after o.o

Yeah, stop putting Scottish people down, white culture!

@popstar talking about "culture" while ignoring that the guy is from America and the couple from Scotland, even if possibly immigrants, and instead turning this into a race debate says a lot more about you than the people in the post.

@aztral @popstar You should be afraid of non-Scottish muslims? Idk, you bringin out "race debate" maybe says more about you. That is, it says you're a racist fuck with big neon lights xD

@popstar this is so perfect together. this first dude who is an asshole but he also got near instant karma and then you get to see actual caring lovely humans trying to selflessly benefit those at risk. like, just curated perfectly. you get a slice of justice and then a lovely wholesome followup that also counterbalances the discomfort from knowing the first dude likely caused issues, as you know there's others like the darling Javeds and you can be like them too. im just really vibing with this

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