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i am a broke writer, and if you wanna help make me a little less broke (funds go towards meds and getting treads for my doggies) or you're just interested in my writing, you can find all of my links conveniently here:

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how about a brief post!

*my name is Citlali
*i also go by Star and Lali
*she/they (i think i prefer they more)
*agender/ asexual/ aromantic
*author, baker, amateur food historian (ask me questions about food), aspiring polyglot if my ADHD lets me focus, yellow starburst fan
*chronically ill, gluten free
*i love dogs, baby hippos, elephants, food, gardening, and my culture 🇲🇽
*TERFs, SWERFS, monarchists, fatphobes, abelists, antisemites, all of you can go fuck yourselves lol
*main is @popstar
*exclusively taken @afterthefog 💖

assorted links to my work and ways to support me:

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my first toot shall be my favorite meme that i spent a literal year searching for:

now that everyone is staying home, new york city's native pigeons are returning to their natural colors!!


@popstar I wanna see some fuckin high stakes Mario Kart double dash tbph

coronavirus, offering help, boosts ok 

KJ tells me that in the wake of NASCAR, Formula 1, Indie Car and other racing being cancelled, all of the assorted leagues have taken to e-sport racing and apparently its a lot more exciting that the actual stuff lmao

twitter link to a video of a wedding being performed on the streets of new york by an officiant 5 stories up shouting out the window 

listen. i didn't watch this. i dont want to watch this. but i need you to see this. (cw for uh.. coronavirus and uh, bodily.. fluids and obv misinformation)

Vegetarian food, photogenic leeks 

(the microaggression was a lack of f/f stickers on the couples app we used and he was frustrated about not wanting to misgender me)

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kj: "I felt like a real queer today."
me: "Yeah? Why is that?"
kj: "I got annoyed with heteronormativity."
me: "Aw! Baby's first queer microaggression!"

I can't believe that without planning or coordination, @zardoz, @yo, and @popstar really pulled a hat trick of escalating dunks on me last night. it was like that smack cam Vine where they Rube Goldberg a guy into falling into the pool

twitter link to a video of a wedding being performed on the streets of new york by an officiant 5 stories up shouting out the window 

kj postin, anxiety 

i feel like a toy whose batteries are running low but also my charger is broken and cant be replaced. thats the chronic fatigue feel.

food, need help 

Covid, mortality rates, capitalist mismanagement, buffoonery 

hell is living with a conspiracy theorist alt right trump supporter and his joe rogan poisoned libertarian son and both of them need to argue who is more right

Since we moved here five years ago, my wife has diligently kept the local crows fed, making sure to put the food out under the cherry tree when they were around to see it.

This year, a pair have nested in the big tree overlooking our yard with line of sight to the ground beneath the cherry tree.

It's good to build community.


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