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Due to Teespring apparently supporting fascism, I've moved my shop to Teepublic. You can find me here:

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Mo is the only person besides me to have a pinned toot on my profile, twice across two accounts. GG @MoMartin

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new main, new ! 🎉

My name is Citlali (se-tla-lee not sit-lolly) but I also go by Lali and Star 🌟

Some quick and dirty info about me:

*Mexican and Indigenous American (pale, not white) 🇲🇽
*English is not my first language
*Agender/ Asexual/ Aromantic
*Author, baker, amateur food historian, aspiring polyglot, yellow starbursts fan
*Chronically ill, Mentally ill, Gluten Free
*I have 3 dogs: Lafayette, Luna, Chocolat
*I talk a lot about my fabulous queer beloved KJ @afterthefog 💖
*follow me for food, mexican history, threads about the aztec empire, and nonsense as i lose my mind in the process of publishing a novel

To support me and/ or read my writing, you can find all my links here:

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i am a broke writer, and if you wanna help make me a little less broke (funds go towards meds and getting treads for my doggies) or you're just interested in my writing, you can find all of my links conveniently here:

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my first toot shall be my favorite meme that i spent a literal year searching for:

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baby was meant to be a go-anywhere anxiety dog, back when my anxiety had veered into severe agoraphobia, but the training didnt take because she's just. too friendly.

my dog failed service dog training because she likes people and kids too much.

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update: their class has been moved inside. sorry. i know today's the first below 80 day in a while.

my public menace of a dog is sleeping blissfully face first in a pile of snacks

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ararara my supplies are STILL in pre-transit. i was supposed to have this days ago.

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Fediblock, racism 

#Fediblock @msaunders is a racist fuckhead who launched into my mentions with some shit about black nerds not existing. I don't recognize the instance so I have no idea if the admin there is going to do jack squat about it but I'd go ahead and block if I were you.

Star💫 boosted has blatant homophobia in their about page and openly fascist users.


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let my dog out without realizing my neighbors were doing their class outdoors today and she zipped right to the wall, reared up, and greeted them with tremendous, thundering barking that sent them running lmao whoops

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me: "NBs do NOT give themselves the names of objects, that's not a trope!"
also me: *names self Star, names nonbinary story characters Cash, Light, Dream, Glitter, and Lava"
me: "... Hm."

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Exciting gardening news, food, selfie 

We grew a singular courgette!!! Welcome to our baby, we've named them Courgney Courgette. EC of a proud parent in the photo. #gardening

Oh NO. Someone reminded me of the pretty rave girl song!

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whats your most nonsensical name for your pet? i call Lafayette "laffy" and "baby" but for some reason he name also became "Mumbles"

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@popstar at least I had a face in the manga's flashback scenes but the anime wouldn't give me even that much 😭

tonight's gender is: Latter Day Disco Revival

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I can't believe star just fucking HOISTED me (yes I can, I left the door extremely open and laid out the good welcome mat)

are you fancy enough?, lewd, oh my god this is so lewd 

Pinky up when you insert the butt plug.

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