lmfao there's a poll going round about who should be next monarch in the uk

do they... do they not know how the whole monarchy thing works

@pfx can't you all just simply vote "nobody" and kick the whole royal family out

@nimp i wrote "the french are ahead of the times on this one" but tbh it's more "britain is very behind" :toppled_crown:

@pfx yeah, it is not just the UK. There is a fair few in europe still.

Funny how quite a few of them are tax heavens: andora, liechtenstein, luxembourg, monaco, the netherlands, the UK

@pfx is someone where to go into the vatican then 2 bird one stone init

@pfx @nimp My take is that the French ended the monarchy just to pretend they do things differently than the British.
But if you look at it France loves its monarchs whether theyre imperial or republican.

@iantila @pfx the french president is also a monarch, see andora's case

@pfx @nimp

Y'all point at France but Ireland is like right there!

@zzz @nimp i can't wait for wales to join in with what ireland's got going 👀


@pfx iirc the Pope travels up to Britain and performs a bone magic ceremony where he takes a fibula from the last monarch, consumes the marrow, then god tells him who will be next


@balrogboogie @pfx isn't the wet lady in a pond method a little more reliable?


@schratze @pfx eh it smacks of paganism, britain is a good christian nation after all

re: gruesome 

@balrogboogie @schratze @pfx Nah, the Christians are pagans underneath, worshipping Ishtar, Mithras ...

@RedFuture it was originally, i can't find the tweet i was referring to now though

@pfx this sounds like monarchy-obsessed americans who think the queen is like "a president, but for life"

Diana stans 

@pfx It should skip Charles and go straight to William because of what he did to Diana!!

@pfx oh I can see you don't understand the UK at all my fellow fediverse citizen. There are many unknowns regarding the monarchy, such as:

* For how many more centuries will the current monarch reign?
* Will any of us be alive to see it through?
* What are the current odds regarding Charles abdicating to become a really posh barista?

@pfx I've heard for years about how the UK has to have a monarch because otherwise it'd have "a US-style president" (always "US-style" even though plenty of countries have :blobthonkang:) but then when you ask people how they were going to vote they say stuff like "I couldn't vote for Vince Cable" and I'm like you can't! you live in Manchester not Twickenham! People already think and act like there's a presidential system here.

@pfx (My favorite example of this is trying to talk down a voter who was angry that Jeremy Corbyn wasn't on her ballot. Again, in Manchester. And for a council election! I had to explain that this wasn't a nefarious plot.)

@bright_helpings if UK citizens think they should be voting like the US does things, because they don't understand the system we do use, then that's pretty sad :(

@pfx My education was terrible so I'm surprised at how much better my knowledge of how my government works is than anyone I know in Britain (except the people I met through political activism who are all nerds for this stuff). Many of my friends only learned how a bill becomes a law when it was one they cared about, like same sex marriage.

Otherwise people don't know the difference between a councillor and an MP, the parties and what being leader means, what rhe cabinet is, etc.

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