The "Stansted 15", direct action folks who locked themselves around a plane set to deport 60 people to 3 different African countries, have had all charges dropped after originally being convicted of terrorism.

The people who were set to be deported are still in the UK as a result of their actions.

@pfx europe is of course still a shithole but always found it interestinf that even basic things like this are apparently too much to ask for from u.s. activists who aren't directly targeted by immigration controls

@romainelaprophetesse really? damn :/ i met one of these folks, they didn't seem to regret anything despite the pressure from the state

@pfx Yeah really. We've heard of people wrecking immigration cop cars on attempted raids & obviously the plane stop in the uk & some fiercely defended squats & camps with immigrants in mainland europe but nothing similar from "citizens" in the u.s.

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