thread image description: a large plush shark image has been cut into strips and posted one part at a time, so the shark can be seen fully when all images are viewed together. the shark is an enormous fluffy blue thing with big teeth

@pfx If my own experiences with cute images with transparencies is anything to go by, you're gonna regret posting these sooner or later =P

I'm reading this in threaded mode and the tail is at the top. 🤷

@pfx 😂 momentarily perplexed by the threaded order. Did you have to practice before you got it right, or are you some kinda time lord?

@datatitian it's not designed to by read in thread, it's designed to be read on home timeline or as boosts

here it is in my local tl

@pfx oh I know! I saw it the right way first, but then when I saw the threaded view, I realized that I would have posted it in the wrong order if I'd tried to do it.

@datatitian ah yes, i see. yeah i thought ahead to how it would be viewed, not what makes sense for the poster, then sent it off arse first

@pfx Frick! I thought there are only two pieces so i cut their tail off

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