on earth, phosphine is only created by life. some chemical processes can create it, however. those processes exist in venus' atmosphere, but cannot create as much as is seen in venus' atmosphere.

if there was life, it would be in the permanent clouds that cover the globe, living in a mid region of the atmosphere. and, that's where the space nerds are finding phosphine.

so this isn't a definite "there's life on venus" but more to say that either new chemical processes are going on that create more phosphine than we thought possible given the circumstances, or there's microbial life on venus

@pfx really cool! They say they measured it with radio absorption by phosphene at a particular frequency.. Unlike them analyzing lots of alternative chemical processes, they don't talk about other substances that might absorb a similar frequency.

@pfx hopefully in 2021 the Venus aliens will come hang out and be our chill new friends

@pfx My money is still on either "there is an exotic abiotic phosphine production process" or "their atmospheric models were a bit off"

No real knowledge of organic chemistry or the particular dynamics of the Venusian atmosphere, so not gonna put a whole lot of money on them

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