What I wanted to say: hop on the badwagon
What ai actually said; Hope and the wagon

@kyzh sounds like an idea for an excellent kids book

@becky kids horror would be a cool thing. Cause most horror film are terrible at being trigerring instead of being scary


@kyzh the edge chronicles do kids horror really well. i read them a s a kid and they left a pretty big impact. they deal with loss, adventure, fantasy, and proper terror, but in a way which works for children. great books @becky

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@pfx @kyzh i was just gonna say, the only horror i ever liked was stuff i read/watched as a kid.

@becky @kyzh yeah i don't do horror either, comedy stuff is okay but not the real deal 😬

@pfx @kyzh i once got kicked out of the room when watching insidious because i though it was /supposed/ to be hilariously bad

@pfx @kyzh tbh i think the stories kids tell each other are better than any horror film

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