I'm curious about about the trans folk of the fediverse. Are you:
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I've tried to word this sensitively. I can redraft if I haven't achieved that, though 4 options are a little restrictive.

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132 people responded to this poll so far, trans folks, you're seen :sparkling_heart_black_trans:

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3 days left, 250 responses already! Can we get it higher? :boost_ok:

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Hnnng this has peaked at 250, have we reached the TSL (trans saturation level)??? :boost_ok: :boost_ok: :boost_ok:

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@pfx is there an "I don't know and tbh I don't think I WANT to know" option

@pfx very mildly trans fem but not nearly enough to answer that in a poll 😖

@lastfuture would "trans, other" be the right fit for you?

@pfx hm yes probably. I'll register that as my vote

@pfx agender, so masc by appearance but not identity

@silentium thank you! if you voted as well, which did you choose? out of curiosity :)

@pfx I voted trans masc, but I was torn between that and other

@silentium fair enough. i understand four options is pretty limiting

@pfx Yes, I understand this limitation is not very satisfying here

@pfx trans, other (agender, consensus on tonight gender not yet in)

@pfx I am a masc non-binary person, but I was AMAB and I genuinely don't know if the term "transmasc" is "trans, masc" or implies that my mascness was part of transitioning (which it isn't per se. It's a comfortable part of my identity that I've opted to keep?)

@swift if you consider yourself trans, and you present as masc, I'd guess you could go for trans masc?

@pfx I'm complicated. xD I checked trans femme because that's what I align most of the times with, and given that it doesn't contradict being non-binary that's even more fitting. Buuuut there was this tendency to also check the "trans, other" box to create more visibility for non-binary. Glad you offered the possibility to check multiple boxes. :)

@MrControl eh, a little lighthearted nonsense is always fun too

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