Morning. Sat in my front doorway. Some rain fell in my coffee :blobcoffee:

@GreenandBlack morning Em, it is! The blackbirds are having a music battle and the gulls are being dicks as usual

@RedFuture that sums it up mate XD how are you today?

@RedFuture fair enough :) i'm probably headed back that way in a bit tbh, i'm up to make breakfast for my friend before work but once he's left I'll probably crash, I didn't sleep a lot last night

@pfx it's raining again here, too. Seems to have passed for now but there was so mich of it, lightning and thunder, the works.

@ljwrites really? There seem to be a lot of storms recently, though perhaps I'm just paying more attention to the frequency of late... I hope it didn't wake up tater if it was during the night!

@pfx it was during the afternoon so he didn't wake, but he did sit up in surprise at one humongous thunderclap--he was cool after we reassured him it was okay, though.

@becky ay up! I'm all right. Waiting to see how long I can leave my friend asleep before they really have to get up for work, I need to go give them a poke really 😄 Wbu?

@pfx not the dreaded work! I’m a little bit gutted cos my walk I was planning has been postponed in favour of helping my dad at work for a few hours then waiting for a couch with my sister. Maybe tomorrow though

@becky ah yeah? Hopefully the weather's all right tomorrow then 😄

@pfx yeah we’ll see. You got any plans today?

@becky i did nothing lol, mostly slept for what little good it did

@pfx glad you’re finally sleeping, doesn’t hurt to have the odd day of doing nothing. You still feeling rough then?

@becky not so bad now, just no proper rhythm :/

@pfx :( maybe it’s the heat/light? Sleeping is hard in the summer

@becky it's probably not helping. my cycle was really messed up prior to speaking to my parents about their raging transphobia, and i'm sitting on a couple emails from them i haven't read yet, which is guaranteed to make things worse. fun times

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