I'm obsessed with this bridge, mossy industrial designs are so attractive

I had to climb up somewhere I shouldn't have to get that first pic above, fortunately there were muggles around

@starwall yeah!! I walk past it most days, and every time i'm like "damn, that's a handsome bridge"!

@becky @pfx

It's so beautiful in a way that I have trouble explaining

@pfx I want to rush across it while humming the zone change theme for the 90's version of The Crystal Maze.

@pfx there's one near me over an industrial canal where there's a section of derelict old railway bridge from the 1910s (before the line was quadruplicated & sextuplicated in the 20s). And then some pretty riveted iron ones like that from the 20s at the next station along.

@WandelStock ooo that one looks great! A bit fancy perhaps

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