Today's little project is repotting this thicc aloe and splitting its little babies off to grow separately. It almost died a couple of times, being transported, dropped, crushed, and left too cold, but once the sun and the heat came back this summer it's grown enormously and it's super healthy now 😊

I found the tiniest little aloe baby while I was repotting! Just look at this tiny delicate little sprout.

The repotting of the main plant was successful, it seems happy with its new home. There was a healthy root structure, and with the extra space this new pot provides, I anticipate it'll keep growing and keep making little baby plants too.


I also ended up with a few babies to pot on, having separated them from the main plant. I possibly should have waited for broken roots to callus over before exposing the ends to soil, but I'm taking a gamble, hoping that it's more important the plants bed into the new soil. I did accidentally break off the tiny baby shoot from the previous toot, I've planted it because I'm a hopeless optimist but it doesn't have any root structure attached so I don't know if it'll survive 😭 still, the others seem fairly healthy and they should survive being replanted. With luck I'll have lots more aloe plants soon! I'll likely offer them out to the fedi once established.

@pfx the whole trick here is to actually NOT water the pups for the next six weeks. That's what makes them grow roots and turn into independent plants.

@raye really? All right thanks, I'll be sure to leave them dry for a bit. That sounds counterintuitive tbh but I'll give it a shot

@pfx I was taught this by a past housemate who had some really rare succulents, and it mimics when the pup falls off the mother plant in nature and they just land on the ground on their own.

@raye ahhh! That makes sense. I never really though about how they propagate...

@raye actually thinking about it, that's pretty much what I do with propogating my Jade plant when I start with a leaf. I just leave it touching soil and let it root itself

@pfx Jade plants are succulents, so yep, that's how they like it.

@pfx they're so cute in their little line by descending height!

@pfx Aloe! They look so cute. I'd like an Aloe when they are ready. I can send you garlic in turn?

@GwenfarsGarden sure! That sounds great. I can't predict how long it'll take for me to be comfortable posting them, I'd prefer once they are established and growing, since that tells me they've stopped focusing on root growth. Could be a month or more.

@pfx no rush at all. I just thought I'd get my order in quick ;)

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