Re-releasing these because they keep changing / being improved:

at_ok and boost_ok for when these interactions are permitted by the poster.

dont_at_me (or at_no) and boost_no for when these interactions are not permitted by the poster.

You will have seen some of these before, this is nothing new, just rage love's version. Released under WTFPL. Please use them freely.

Two more join this group: fav_ok and fav_no, again, for when those interactions are permitted or not permitted by the poster.

Credit to @kelseyhusky for the idea.

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This is a new emoji I made for instances running the Hometown fork of Mastodon. If you're using anything other than the web ui to access your instance, afaik you can't access the "local only" posting option.

This emoji fixes that. With the current Hometown release, adding a custom emoji called local_only to your instance and including it in your toot will automatically post the toot as local only.

This allows you to use the local only functionality from a mobile app, for instance, simply by adding this emoji when you're composing a toot.

It is also designed to match the other accessibility emojis I've created, which can be found above in this thread.

Released under WTFPL, go nuts.

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@popstar @iantila when either of you has the time, if you could upload this emoji, with the name local_only, that'd be great 😁

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@benhamill @Sylvhem Can we have these? We are missing some of the cool emojis! Like this and goose peeking from behind a wall

@pfx @Ethancdavenport Dearest PFX,

I am writing you this toot to inquire as to whether you received the epistle I authored to discern whether you had received the email which I sent asking if you got my text asking whether you’d heard the voicemail I left pestering you about whether you’d seen the fax I sent to—

@pfx @lawremipsum This would certainly be functional and clear, even if it isn't MSP-specific.

@restioson it's pretty neat! hopefully a less hacky option is available in future though :D

@darius ah nice! thanks. hopefully people use it 😊

@pfx are these on Rage.Love yet? I want to add these to Kith.Kitchen, but cannot seem to find them.

@GwenfarsGarden :boost_ok: boost_ok is correct, the others need replacing because the iso standard for the red bit is this way 🚭 not this way :boost_no: as I originally had it with the emojis I made. I've fixed this, but the new images haven't been uploaded yet. Waiting on star to find the time in their moving house schedule and upload

@pfx ah, ok. It's funny, because the way you did it makes more sense to me than the iso standard.

@pfx hey @DylanTheThomas can we get these? We already have :dont_at_me: but this is an update and supplement

@memnus btw i'm pretty sure your "no at" is different to mine, at least it looks different on my end 😁

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