Oof okay that was 5 hours / 13km this time. It takes so long cause I'm having to pedantically mark every kissing gate / stile, plus search hedgerows to try and find where the foot path is *supposed to be*. Stiles in the middle of an overgrown hedge, or footpath routes entirely filled with brambles, are something I'm having to deal with in my adventures. It's fun though :blobcat:

Himalayan Balsam is pretty when flowering, but it's actually a very invasive and tenacious species that's not native to Wales. The councils have practically given up trying to control it, and it now runs rampant along many Welsh riverbanks. I believe this is bad for other species and it's unfortunate it flourishes here.

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(i post all these pics public cause i can't imagine a reality where folks don't want to look at blessed wales)

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After a while I turned away from the Towy and followed Afon Gwili up towards the nearby Abergwili. Some nice shots of the river doing its thing.

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This is what yer boy has to deal with. This is a "foot path" in the sense that only disembodied feet would fit down it without getting prickled. You need an iron hide, ruthless determination and limitless strength to persevere here. Lucky for you, I am all of these things. Yeah. Welsh footpaths, everybody.

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This is kind of cool though: I've no idea how old these are, but I've been finding some stone stiles instead of the more common wooden stiles. They look really old, though perhaps that's just wishful thinking.

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And finally, to round of the thread: I found some more beautiful friends :blobcatlove: They were excited to meet me and followed me around the field lol

@hummingrain They were very friendly! Looks like they're well cared for too, their field was massive and they seemed pretty content. Nice friends!

@pfx awww yeah a proper good ramble! I miss those paths in England; never quite made it to Wales on the last go. Next time for sure because these paths look amazing!

And always boost cute horses. ^_^

@bouncinglime Wales has some great paths, and the scenery is pretty unique. Derbyshire in England can be similar at times, but it's just a different vibe. Welsh footpaths are lots of fun!

@pfx The biggest excursion we made (away from home near Coventry) was down to the New Forest, and that was Most Excellent as well. So many ponies everywhere! Slightly terrifying when a gang comes galloping at you, but still. Worth it.

@bouncinglime That sounds great! I've never been down there before.

@pfx lovely thread!! Carmarthenshire is largely undiscovered for me. I've done a bit of the gwendraeth valley & the estuary but not much else!

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