My walk took me across some nice hills with livestock today. The calves were curious what I was up to, while the mothers were protective and mooed me away from their babies.

If there's one thing the Welsh do right, it's graveyards and little chapels hidden in curious places.

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Made a looong pic in a field too. The whole local area looks like this :)

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I had some difficulty with this particular excursion. Welsh footpaths being as they are, the public right of way information from the council that I was going off for planning my route was not respected in some places, meaning I found the old route of the footpath, but couldn't follow it because it was too overgrown, so had to do some exploring to make progress.

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This did mean I was rewarded with the discovery of crab apple trees, sloe bushes, and this lovely shot of the Towy river through the sloe and hawthorn though.

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I met goats. These square eyed friends had a lot to say and were quite excited to see a fellow hill climber.

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By the time I turned back, the sky was darkening and blossoming into pale sunset shades, though it was still warm.

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@sunflowers They are! The mothers were a little nervous having me around but the calves looked like they wanted to play

@pfx these photos a great. I love the colour of the sky, that's awesome. So this was your 5 hour walk?

@GwenfarsGarden yep! This was the furthest part of it, away from town. I did bump the colour on the sky a bit as my camera wasn't picking up the sunset shades properly, but apart from the pics are all what it looked like!

@pfx I find cameras often have problems with purples, so often have to adjust those too.

Looks like a wonderful walk. I love that part of Wales. (Tbh, I love all the parts of Wales).

@pfx It's true, I keep finding Methodists in the attic

@pfx honestly pretty disappointed that I will not be coming to Wales this year after all, family holiday was cancelled for the obvious reason

@Awizardofearthsea Yeah I was wondering about that, I remember you said it was your intention to visit. Next year perhaps?

@pfx I don't know whether there will still be enthusiasm for a family get together in Wales specifically (my UK relatives live in southern England) but I intend to get to Wales at some point or another. I was there three years ago with a friend and both of us thought it was great.

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