Has anyone ever been able to keep supermarket basil plants alive for a significant amount of time?

@Paul I've never tried, but my mum never managed. :(

@pfx I read something that said you should divide them into four and repot each in its own pot, but I worry about root damage.


@Paul that sounds like something you'd do with a healthy plant, not one that typically dies pretty quickly. Though I guess if they're potbound it might make sense?

@pfx I'm going to try it with coriander to see if it works.

@Paul @pfx

I bought this plant in February. It's thriving. Have repotted it twice now (the whole thing into bigger pots) with standard compost for veg garden (pH balanced). It gets lots of sunshine on this windowsill - a little too much is causing the yellowing here I think, but that's not a major problem and looks worse in the photo. It gets watered every couple of days. I use the big leaves first, and let the smaller ones grow in. No fertiliser.

@pfx @Paul

I should have said, this comes after years of failed plants that only lasted weeks at best.

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