This site displays an overlay over OpenStreetMap, showing the locations of the standing stones, barrows / burial mounds, ancient villages, crosses, hill forts, cairns etc all over the world!

@anarchiv i just found it, it's pretty exciting. i can see my osm edits in it (cause it pulls from osm for the map tiles instead of caching or something) and the local area has a load of ancient things i want to check out now. :)

I'm positively baffled just how many ancient graves there are in the region where I grew up

also that's cool, I want to get more involved with OSM too

@anarchiv yeah! it's surprising how much there is, so close to home.

if you want a hand with osm at all, i'm happy to help, though i'm by no means a core mapper or anything. i've spent quite a while adding stuff though. it's good to do while listening to a podcast or similar, since it can be fairly simple like join the dots, leaving your brain space to listen.

@pfx I'll keep that in mind if I'm going to see it through, thanks :)

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