I'm looking good today. I don't do selfies, just imagine a hot puffin.

I made the solarpunk flag 500x1500px, the size of the Mastodon profile header image, if anyone wants to use it.

It's really quiet on this server so all my cringey posts just hang around the top of the timeline like a wet fart, jeez

Don't read any theory. Don't listen to any breakdowns of anarchist critiques of bureaucracy. Don't analyse any dead European's works.

Just watch this.


Es ist warm und ich sehe die Sonne. Meine Pflanzen sind glücklich.

@kyzh I made a load of pronoun emojis for SBC a while back. Would you like them, to upload here? They were quite popular.

when you like boths maths and languages 

Okay nerds, so how hard would you have to blow your food to heat it up instead of cool it down? Stuff burns up on re-entry into Earth's atmosphere cause all the wiggly air molecules get the stuff molecules dancing so fast they break away from the stuff. Couldn't we recreate this with a mega blow at food? A humongous warming blast?

Not since recording began, in 2004, have the number of searches for "rent strike" been so high on google trends.

Small vocal child is playing with her very fun dad again next door :)

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I suspect a large part of why this is my view is because my personal experience of films will be biased towards white directors, white actors, white culture, and PoC viewed through a white lens, through factors outside of my control. Which makes it even more important for me, and people in similar positions, to intentionally seek out non-white media created by people who are not white.

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The flipside of this is that leads in a lot of films are very cisheteronormative, white, and frankly boring. Then for "diversity" there are characters added who are juxtaposed with the lead, and intentionally made far more flamboyant, outspoken etc. This is all pretty unbalanced.

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So many films would be better if they just didn't cast the lead. Make it about the others. The ones who support from the sidelines. The whacky ones. The ones who do one thing and do it well. The ones with an unusual outfit. The outspoken ones who support you, no matter what. It seems to me that reflects real life better anyhow.

Vietnam, COVID-19, + 

i am Audiophile! i only use FLAC, i use gold plated connectors, i use a free speaker i got out of a cereal box

playing music loud with a discharged portable speaker, just for that extra distortion

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