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Oh hey, I'm the designer of a bunch of custom pronoun badge emojis, like :he: :they: :em: :she: etc.

It's really easy for me to make more! So let me know if you want one that has your pronoun on it, I'm happy to help.

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Oh if anyone wants a copy of the German expressionist films:

- Metropolis
- The Golem
- The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

then the torrent magnet links are listed in the following thread. I and others are seeding so they should be available. They're 720p, two have English subtitles and The Golem has none.

I've only watched Metropolis so far but I already like the genre!

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Hello it is a very normal day where normal things are happening. Hope things are good with you also.

Thoughts by the sea side 

As I come back to the sea, it feels like nothing changes much.
Timescale dont seem to matter to the sea.

Easy to feel at ease.
Easy to forget everything else.

Hard to think about the future being a bad thing.
The sea will still be there in the future.

Yet around the sea it is different.
Nature is slowly hidding and breaking down the past, growing where it wasnt meant to.

As these relic disapear, it feels so calm, too calm maybe.

I remember, last Thanksgiving, my date wanted to get fast food, but the only place open was a Steak N' Shake, so we went there and got in the line of cars around the building and waited. About 30 minutes later, we were approaching the window.

A guy, who was apparently dissatisfied with his meal or his service, got out of his car and attempted to shove it back through the window. Some 5 minutes later, he got a new bag, which he spent seemingly ages inspecting, and then drove off with his girlfriend nearly skidding his tires.

I pulled up to the window and said, "How many of there are you in there?" And she said 3 including herself. I gave her 15$ in five before she had even told me my total and said, "I don't care what your company policy is on tips. You take this money, and you keep op keeping on. I work at a Taco Bell and I know it can be bad, but you just can't let these vile, middle class fuckers get to you, you hear? I respect you and you matter." and she cried a lot at this point

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people say "gender is a spectrum" but then they think of it like a point along a gradient, or like a HSL value in a color wheel

i would like to posit that if gender is, in fact, a spectrum, then individual genders are not single points or even contiguous blobs but rather are more like this

If you’re a developer, you care about accessibility, and you’re looking for something to work on, consider helping out with Jitsi.

Reasons we can’t use it for EU events:

- No support for simultaneous translation
- No support for sign language interpretation
- Other #a11y issues

ORpol ++ 

The Oregon Court of Appeals ruled that no judge can deny nonbinary Oregonians accurate gender markers.

the response to "Warren Buffet Donates Another 2.9Bil, Bring Total Donated Since 2006 to 37Bil" shouldn't be oh what a good person

it should be horror and disgust that one person could funnel around that much money at all, what the fuck

installing a 5G tower on my house because it'll make my meat get big

⚠️ Get the facts on Covid-19.

If you look at the trajectory of the fedi, there is has always been a specific level of fury reserved towards outspoken Black folks that generally just isn't seen applied to even the most outwardly racist and hateful communities.

I remember the sheer rage white 'leftists' like Anna and Noelle hurled at the young brother ehjovan when he set up his instance and brought his crew with him.

The sheer frantic madness of it is something I had never seen. The way white PROGRESSIVES launched at him.

I don't care how much funding/donation I lose or how many followers run from me in that process.

There is never going to be a moment when I stop calling out racism and it's sources whenever I see it. I am never going to stop identifying spaces that exist to harm people that are like me.

I am trying to build something bigger than a popularity and anxiety engine.

And I'm closer to it that people think.

My stamina for building healthy communities and reducing harm is unlimited.

Count on that.

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People always talk about my attitude and demeanor but never talk about the context of my mental health and the constant deluge of racism and hate that PV has dealt with since I spun up this instance.

I've seen more context and sympathy applies and give to the most hateful racists and instances. Bigots that have long histories of harassment and causing harm are given the benefit of the doubt repeatedly.

But the moments someone Black makes a mis-step, it's the end of the fucking world.

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There's always a social cost whenever I talk about the blatant hypocrisy of white progressive on the fedi but that just proves my point of how aggressive this place polices Black folks.

For me, it's worth it because I reach a lot of people who see how aggressive this place is with it's anti-blackness and we connect privately.

And let's be clear. There are more Black folks on the fedi than you think.

They just don't want to reveal that they're Black b/c they see how much the fedi hates us.

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Today in 1964, five days after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, white men beat nine black boys for trying to order at a whites-only lunch counter in downtown Bessemer, Alabama


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Today in 1860: a half-century after Congress banned importation of enslaved people, Clotilda lands in Mobile, Alabama, as the last recorded ship carrying enslaved people to dock in the US. Africans aboard later establish Africatown.


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