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pumpkins are like the queen, they get two birthdays

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mmm mmm yummy seaside

This is Swansea Bay, a large flat stretch of beach in South Wales.

I went for a cycle along the coastal path which follows the entire coast of Wales, part of which runs along the area you see here.

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a croatian told me to form a plan in life

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i'd quite like to be a weird uncle

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german, the achilles heel of polite society

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hey LJ 

how come you know english so well? you've said before that south korea uses korean and chinese, but where does english fit into that? @ljwrites

o to have the energy of the downstairs flat (someone has has been banging on a door for 15 minutes straight. my bed vibrates)

cause i found some literal nazi fash music on there 😬

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who was that person that ran the irish punk funkwhale instance?

why is all music mixed so badly, i ask, listening to a live recording of punk music from 1979

:facepalm: "tewaf" can mean "fattest" or "i will fatten" depending on context

working on a patch. the lower side is strong enough now i think, so i'm gonna go round the other sides now too with a similar method (need to stop it fraying see since it's denim)

*another* day?? in this economy??

to be "laughing stock" in welsh translates literally into being "the subject of fun" lmao

testun sbort

:oh_no: :amongus: 

uni is hosting an among us tournament

*cymraeg voice* come, my minions, time to partake in a little light h-Prothesis, mwahaha 🧐

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