i had a dream i made a bolgnese? in a toasted-sandwich maker?

belly buttons, weird, wikipedia 

wikipedia having a normal one

probably worth noting that the yescymru petition thing is just shy of 20k for comparison

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welsh independence petition

6,000 signatures already. ukgov will just dismiss it offhand, but i'm curious to see how many signatures it gets in total

my life rn is that "STAY ON TARGET..." scene from star wars but the scene never ends, and i don't know whether i'm in the lead ship or the one behind that gets gunned down...

welsh you CAN'T just put "mlrwy" in the middle of a word and expect me to pronounce it :psyduck:

really taking the piss when the word is "symlrwydd" i.e. SIMPLICITY

It's the Cymraeg badge's 15th birthday! This badge is indicate that the wearer (or, in sticker design, the shop owner etc) can communicate in Welsh. It's to help promote the Welsh language in workplaces.

Postio yn Gymraeg 

Mae'r crempog cyntaf yn melyn! A bit of turmeric in the pan lol

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Postio yn Gymraeg 

Bore da, dw i'n mynd i wneud crempogau yn y ffrimpan. Dw i wedi cymysgu'r brawd, wy a dŵr, felly byddaf yn twymo'r badell ffrio ac arllwys y gymysgedd i'r badell. Dw i'n mwynhau coginio brecwast!

also introduced him to bandcamp and debunked the idea that watching ads is actually useful to musicians

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every time my flatmate played a youtube advert in my vicinity, i (verbally) played an advert for newpipe until it pissed him off enough to switch to using newpipe lmao

diaeresis and synaeresis
when adjacent vowels occur in separate syllables (dia-), or the same syllable (syna-)

egnïol - energetic

denoted by the i-umlaut ( ï ) here

so no dipthong with these vowels

wait, in english the word "nice" has a silent "e" but its presence creates a dipthong where the "i" is, so people say the "i" like "ie" :blobcatgoogly: niec

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