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Which came first?

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Oh if anyone wants a copy of the German expressionist films:

- Metropolis
- The Golem
- The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

then the torrent magnet links are listed in the following thread. I and others are seeding so they should be available. They're 720p, two have English subtitles and The Golem has none.

I've only watched Metropolis so far but I already like the genre!

gluten morgan

*hands you pasta*
*hands you person*

me: i'm tired, it's now time to go—

my brain: :goose_peek:

me: TO—

my brain: as an anarchist, i reject all forms of hierar—


yes, fedi has me peeved. i don't think it's clever, it just adds problem-adjacent noise. it's the kind stuff we're supposed to be getting rid of, but like a light sarcastic version. it's a bit obnoxious on public timelines or when people boost that shit into my feed, but moreover it's just bad and doesn't say anything useful. press delete instead of post once you compose. do at least some filtering before you put stuff on the timeline

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y'all realise you can just not endlessly talk about vague bad opinions? contextless bad takes? worrying sounding interactions? you can just stop talking. like that's a thing you can do.

Welsh language wasn't accepted in Welsh courts as late as 1940 [1] what the heck.

We're still trying to get it to have the same status as English [2] [3], in Wales. It's pretty much there but there is still push back. There was a thing recently about some dipshit Tory fighting Welsh being on equal status with English using some bullshit excuse about it being forced on people living in Wales.

Fellas,,, is it gay to speak the native language?


Love Spoons are quite a sweet Welsh tradition. Traditionally given to partners / sweethearts.


i want a cider but instead i have months worth of welsh

I need to get a proper copy of the Maginogion. Welsh and English. Could be a good purchase, I think.

everyone uses duolingo, but there's also a free and more open couse for learning to speak, if not spell, languages!

it's a welsh thing, it started as a welsh course only (i can confirm it's very good!) but they now offer , , , , and !! which is pretty neat, right?

the leaves are so full of water now they're oval instead of D shaped or flat

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aaaa look at it now! before and after

may we all aspire to be as fat and green as this wee pup

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talking about growing cacti,

how do i stop mine from growing? it's still going. i haven't potted it on but it just keeps getting bigger. i might have to pot it on just because the soil and pot is no longer big enough to be stable. the centre of gravity is more than half way up and it's a loooongboi


how to people who use screenreaders experience custom fediverse emojis and normal ones?

why are they called bongs and not a 

pot noodle

This is where I pulled off a tip to repot that then was sent to mufos. Now there's two wee leaf pairs growing 😊🌱💚

flatmate went to bed some time in the morning. i'm playing While She Sleeps, while he probably doesn't sleep 🤗

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