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Did you know?

Persian "farangi" -->
Urdu/Hindi "firangi" -->
English (Star Trek) "Ferengi"

In South Asia, the term describes foreigners, specifically British but also more generally white Europeans.

It's such an apt name for the Star Trek species which embodies and makes a literal religion out of everything that is wrong with British/European/USian colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy; greed, sexism, profiteering, classism, racism, and so on.


racism, anti-blackness, linguistics, etymology, colonialism, Star Trek 

@shahaan spot on.

But now my brain is re-analyzing the thing with how DS9 deals with racism, but casts captain Cisko, who is black, as the racist, which always looked like a rather evil thing to write, to me.

But also, that racism is directed towards ferengi, so, oh look, it got worse?

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