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Friendly advice to those who want to work in the tech field:


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earnest question about allyship and doing the hard work 

i'm very grateful for the amount of difficult and good-faith discussion that's come out of this thread, thank you everyone for being willing to be real here.

a thing i have started to say to my co-conspirators is: if we have enough quorum to move forward, we need to do that and let everyone else catch up at their own pace. instead of spending our time holding their hands, let them see us moving forward and give them incentive to join us.

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earnest question about allyship and doing the hard work 

i keep running into straight white cis dudes who are motivated to do justice work, and then they keep falling into the trap of being so paralyzed by the possibility of "getting it wrong" that they do not take action. the result then is that the work ultimately falls back onto those who keep having to carry the load (often, Black and brown queer femme folks).

do you experience this? how can we help break this pattern?

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what kind of non is your binary

Too much work 

Today I finished one 80 hour contract. It took perhaps 8 days?
Next week, I'm going to do the same, then go on vacation

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tonight's queer agenda:
*eat dinner
*shed our corporeal forms and swarm the earth spreading queer germs all over cishets for approximately two hours
*take meds with water
*go to bed at least before sunrise

Frack that's solidarity. Ok, this subject is uncomfortable to you, but I know it, so I got this one. Boom, you're on again.

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OK Laverne Cox just broke me, I'm crying

In a talk with Jen Richards, they get into a subject that Jen is uncomfortable talking about, which she mentions briefly
And Laverne just steps in, explains the whole subject from top to bottom and gives the stage back to Jen who can move on to analysing the thing she didn't feel comfortable describing

But despite being horribly over-worked, me and the kids' mom won against kindergarten!
We've had a lot of meetings about their shitty gender awareness. I finally got them to tell their staff to stop misgendering me, without giving the management a scapegoat, and without risking anyone getting fired.

Deichmann, give me my heels, or get in the sea!

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Where do I buy cheap femme shoes? Halp I have large feet and can't walk in flat shoes!

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When the fuck did the shoe brand Deichmann stop making shoes for trans ppl?
They used to have XXL femme shoes, and XXS butch shoes. So I went there for shoes, but they have nothing left. They phased us out last year.

Uuuuhhh 8 more days of working painfully much, then I go on vacation...

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I propose 3 laws that will solve all issues we all have with corporations

A corporation may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

A corporation must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

A corporation must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

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serious question for anarchists, not trolling 

Do y'all ever think about why so many anti-colonial movements (especially in the mid-to-late 20th century) identified officially with marxism rather than anarchism? If so, why do you think that is?

Just to reiterate, this isn't a rhetorical or trick question. We are genuinely curious if this is something you think about, & if so how you think about it.

They also have a nonbinary character, and I'm thinking this misnaming thing is on purpose.

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My kids' children's channel has a character that some of the others call by the wrong name. It's a hot dog, but some of the others just call it "sausage" (which is shorter in Swedish).
Predominately the meaner characters does this. The hot dog keeps reminding them of its proper name.

So I can have a conversation to the kids about how it's a lot nicer to call people what they want to be called.

OK. So. Maybe Laverne Cox' podcast is making me rethink my political views.

Maybe I should be concentrating on the parts if transphobia that I'm experiencing, that also intersects with racism.
Like, maybe work on the oppression I experience, but pick what I work on. Pick the parts that affect racialized people.

And if maybe we won't build heaven in earth through science, since we can't even stop abusing each other, which is kind of a prerequisite.

So yeah sure everything might be made of tiny tiny strings, and black holes might exist and be cool.

It has no effect. I'm not caring anymore.

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