on armed struggle 

As many have said before, armed struggle is never as simple as walking out the door & starting to shoot, or whatever similar caricatures are floating around. Extensive preparations are needed to fight & win. They include political education - why a power structure is illegitimate & how to create alternatives; building an underground network which can move people & supplies without being broken by the political police; propaganda (public political statements) to justify & explain a fight to [potential] supporters; the direct fighting itself, of course, including strategy & tactics; & many other aspects. Even just researching these things puts you & anyone you come into contact with in a better position to carry things out or figure out how a struggle can be carried out. It's never too late to begin, & the conditions under which what you learn becomes important are often unpredictable.

More on these things:

armed struggle & prisons+jails, examples of repressive violence 

Another important part of any revolutionary armed struggle is the fight in prisons & jails. Millions of the world's most oppressed people, of all genders, are incarcerated. There are veterans of past struggles we'd today recognize as intersectional in prisons, who have been there for decades. There are radical & revolutionary trans people & gender nonconformists in jails/prisons. There are Black women on the front lines of eugenics battles, being sterilized without consent or forced to give birth literally chained to hospital beds. All these people face even worse conditions, like solitary confinement & other kinds of torture, than the already hellish ordeal of incarceration.

Not only do they all deserve to be freed - legally *or otherwise* - on principle, they have voices & experiences many of us on the outside can learn from if we take them as seriously as we would any of our other compxs.

If you interact regularly with incarcerated people, many of the more romantic images of "making revolution" may be replaced with activities that are less well known but just as important.


trying to wrap this up 

Lastly…reflection and *rest* are no less important in fighting for a better world than any other part of life. An intense struggle often steals away the breathing room of those in struggle. When you have - or can make - space to relax, consider taking it as seriously as you take the choice to fight the powers that be, however you do.

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