global abortion laws 

Hope some people pushing back on the attack on abortion in the u.s. keep in mind that birthing autonomy is an intersectional privilege on a global level. Just like there are many people in the u.s. whose access to free & safe abortion (& pregnancy) has never really existed, there are even more people worldwide who don't have these things even on paper - & in many cases the u.s., nato, & five eyes send hundreds of millions of dollars a year to these governments. This also means that there are many people who have been fighting back under incredibly repressive conditions who deserve equal support & attention

global abortion laws 

@noyovo of course, Poland is the worst in Europe... :/

global abortion laws, poland 

@szymonbrycki yes, and whilst not changing the importance or truth of @noyovo post the map is actually out of date in regard to poland, which doesn't allow abortions in case of "fetal defect" any longer

global abortion laws, poland 

@bound @noyovo ah, so it's outdated... Explains the lack of red colour and why Iran (Iraq?) wasn't better... As I heard it nowadays is.

Still, a shame :(

global abortion laws 

@noyovo Are there people pushing back?


Do American conservatives care?


Some references to groups opposing.

global abortion laws 

@noyovo one more thing - in Poland, we called what we had a "compromise" and people defended it fiercely as such. Ya know, a "compromise" between priests and politicians vs. females. Eh... :/

Actually, there are two extremes - forcing a abortion upon people with vagina or forcing them to not have one. The only true compromise lies exactly in between. And Poles do not understand it... :/

global abortion laws 

@noyovo I also wonder if denying #LGBT people the right to marry and offer them civil partnerships also would be called a "compromise" by the majority? 🤔 But, you know, those aren't your lives and rights, so you do not decide, you straight men?

But we do not have even civil partnerships in Poland, so... :/

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