antiblackness, white supremacy, russian invasion of ukraine fallout 

- outpouring of support for ukraine that's been absent for equally violent crises
- widespread violence against Black refugees from the invasion
- germany kicking Afghan refugees out of housing for ukrainians to take their place
- massive increase in Burkinabè refugees while donor groups have cut funding from support programs for them to divert funding to ukraine
- ukrainians at u.s./mexico experiencing less frequent family separation, looser legal requirements, & far shorter wait times to enter the u.s. than Haitians & central amerikans who have been there for much longer


continued re:antiblackness, white supremacy, russian invasion of ukraine fallout 

many people who've made the above observations have also pointed out that the response to ukrainian refugees has not been good enough. the fact that "not good enough" is still far above the staus quo should tell you something.

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