all the "good" the e.u. does for "its citizens" explicitly comes at the expense of the rest of the planet, it's by design & not an accident you can fix with better laws or whatever the fuck. same goes for britain & its anglo colonial spawn

is there some part of this that's confusing to people?

serious question, not rhetorical. like is there some aspect of this that you find it hard to wrap your head around in a general way? because we can probably help with that


@noyovo There's details I'm not clear on, like, specific examples of what the EU gives its "citizens" and how exactly those resources are extracted from colonized peoples. I'm sure there are many many examples but I think even just one example would help me get it more

france & Niger 

@winter the majority of citizens in france have reliable access to electricity, heat, & water where they live. much of that comes from nuclear energy (wikipedia says nuclear supplies 78% of french power).

to get that much nuclear energy you need a shitload of uranium. france gets most of theirs from Niger, which was violently invaded & taken over by french people over a century ago when they didn't even know they needed uranium to power their youtube channels. but when they did realize they wanted that it turned out Niger had it & they controlled what happened in Niger because they killed anyone who had a problem with it, so they got it.

the economy runs on money so surely Niger being independent & all at least gets some money for selling all that uranium right. nope, has one of the lowest money per person ratios of any country on earth. well can't Nigeriens change the government to address this? yeah whenever they try france pays some other Nigeriens to kill them for even trying. okay at the very least they can...move to france? lmao ask African immigrants to france how the trip was…if they could afford it.

the details cover how exactly this power imbalance is maintained, but the point is france has good things because they take them from Niger & many other places violently

@winter & you can do similar exercises with the rest of europe. it's more complicated for the countries that never had a lot of overseas colonies but it's still there

was that useful? or still kinda dense?


"is there some part of this that's confusing to people?"

Personnally, "how to end it?", but I know nobody has a simple answer to that question and I think I'm mostly naively looking for that :(

@Nocta well there is a simple answer on a general level which is overthrow the system by force. do you mean "personally" as in what you specificslly can do or something else?


Well, when I see the situation in France I don't see the "local" capitalistic system being overthrowed, let alone the neo-colonial one, in a near future :(

I guess personnally yes also but I know I should join antifa movements. It's just kinda frustrating/demotivating that I lack hope ^^'

@Nocta guess you could say that's why the situation can't be understood on the level of one country? a global problem needs a global solution


That's true

I was basically spilling pessimism sorry, thanks for answering me 💜

@Nocta lol to be fair pessimism towards the possibility of a white french revolution is justified. just have to remember it's not the only way!

@Nocta just thought of a different angle on this that might be interesting. how many people do you think saw the portuguese empire being overthrown in 1960? what about 1973?

@Nocta or if it's better to keep things closer to france's role, how many people saw san domingue as an independent nation with slavery & slave trading outlawed in 1790

@Nocta global problem need global solution, but also, re time, we can't start a fight only if we're sure we reach resolution within a year.

fights like this needs foundations and, while your bigger goal is to abolish police, you can start end policing of students in school.

as to things to do, there is loads from mutual aid to direct action also because the expenses/privileges dynamics that happen on a global scale are perpetrated on a nation-wide scale in each eu country. so, even if it's just preventing your neighbour to be deported, you have fights to fight around every corner.

plus, if france is tying to fight its own "citizens", they will have less time and resources to mess up with Niger perhaps. or, your actions can target specific places that are link to uranium extraction.

the world is ours, bae, not theirs.

(i love so much this big inputs by @noyovo , so thank you loads :blackheartsparkle: )

long quote re: what to do 

@mms @Nocta Amílcar Cabral speaking for the PAIGC in italy, 1964:

"If, as would seem from all the evidence, imperialism exists and is trying simultaneously to dominate the working class in all the advanced countries and smother the national liberation movements in all the underdeveloped countries, then there is only one enemy against whom we are fighting. If we are fighting together, then I think the main aspect of our solidarity is extremely simple: it is to fight - I don't think there is any need to discuss this very much. We are struggling in Guinea with guns in our hands, you must struggle in your countries as well - I don't say with guns in your hands, I'm not going to tell you how to struggle, that's your business; but you must find the best means and the best forms of fighting against our common enemy: this is the best form of solidarity.

There are, of course, other secondary forms of solidarity: publishing material, sending medicine, etc; I can guarantee you that if tomorrow we make a breakthrough and you are engaged in an armed struggle against imperialism in Europe we will send you some medicine too."

long quote re: what to do 

@noyovo love this! preach!
thanks for sharing.


@noyovo When Brexit was big in the news where I live, suddenly I saw a lot of people who didn't think about the EU at all before suddenly go up to bat for them and it's like...well yeah obviously the ideology and people behind this blatant British nationalism are garbage, but that doesn't make the EU any better.

@noyovo It makes sense as a broad statement, but it's hard to internalize the truth of it on a visceral level when it feels very complicated and abstract. I could read theory but I'm not good at that, so a specific example of how this works would be great and I can generalize from there, if you have the time/energy 🙏🏾

@oya & if you still have questions after reading that example we're open to talking through them!

eu, colonialism 

@noyovo I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and how decoloniality in ireland requires facing up to our contributions to the British empire, and cosying up to the eu after partition

i mean it's basically a club the old empires set up to renew 'civilisation' post ww2 and to rebrand their old colonialism as something new and peaceful

so much of the eu's status is about just looking good by default next to the usa (or the uk now too)

re: eu, colonialism 

@kiki tbh it's hard to see what looks good even relatively about the e.u. from a global perspective, it all comes down to "we do Good Stuff with this shit we stole from you & won't give back, unlike [x] who wastes their blood money"?? lol

re: eu, colonialism 

@noyovo yeah true, i guess i mean just in the way that the image of the eu (especially to those within it) is all about stable diplomacy etc compared to the erratic and violent major powers - all while exploiting the the same people overseas, shutting down alternative models domestically, and backing member states selling armaments

and then the chaos of brexit obscures the very valid reasons to criticise the eu, the narrative is all about the foolishness of the uk

re: eu, colonialism 

@kiki ah yeah that *does* ring true. the "stability" (just rebranded "law & order") is built on actually causing global violence through racist diplomacy, weapons dealing like you mentioned, etc.

& of course as you also said it depends on making sure those europeans that do try to change this don't get very far

@noyovo ah, yes, the GDPR, famous for ruining 3rd world countries

@uint8_t ah, yes, a white anarchist, famous for understanding imperialism

@uint8_t also blatantly shameless as always as i can see :its_cool:


Recent (failed) attempts by non-European countries for the "developed" world to pay environmental reparations _alone_ (let us ignore the political, social reparations for now), is a good example of attempts to protect eu citizens from the realities of their behaviours.
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