Can someone whose account federates with confirm that both the FARC-EP & the ELN's accounts have been suspended from that instance?

Because if so, this shows that the ~progressive~ & ~left-wing~ credentials of fedi's flagship instance are even emptier than previously shown. Which was already pretty empty.

We were under the impression both of those organizations joined mastodon largely because they're ruthlessly suppressed on corporate social media, so...


There's currently a general strike happening in the u.s. neocolony of right now. It's been going on for about a week. You can find details on the feed below, but be aware there's tallies of violence, including deaths, abd other state repression.

The u.s. gives hundreds of millions of dollars to the Colombian government every year:

The uk government also approves a significant amount of military assistance to Colombia every year.

france also has strong relations with the Colombian government.

If you live in one of these countries & are wondering what you can do to support, you can help make it too costly for your country of residence to continue backing genocide in Colombia by making it impossible for them to govern domestically. This means organizing efforts which target the state, as well as multinationals headquartered in & supported by that state.

"Target" is not a euphemism, by the way. It will take some time & careful effort, but armed anti-imperialist movements must be built, not just street protests. Open up a "home front".

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