white environmentalism 

Really amazing how white "environmentalists" managed to so completely erase the racial & colonial roots of the shit they complain about that people have to coin new terms like "environmental racism" to put them back in.

Like, to give an example of how deep this goes...just what kind of "environmental" effects do you think it had when crackers sailed across oceans to wipe out entire peoples? Captured millions of people, put them to work clearing forests, redirecting rivers, building massive monoculture plantations? Captured millions more & shipped them around the world to work on those plantations & in the global industries that sprang up around them? Sent army after army & redesigned entire societies in order to kill the multitudes who resisted all this & continue to resist it all to this day?

That people have to "add" critiques of white supremacy, antiblackness, empire, colonialism, and gender assimilation to describe the catastrophes that are the *direct results* of all this says a lot about the power of narrative framing.

white environmentalism 

I think maybe regular environmentalism is just religious fervor about trees 🤔

white environmentalism 

@noyovo and *if* somebody's talking about "environmental racism" it's never even in the way you described, but seeing Racism only as a social discrimination which "we" can end if we do bits here and there and not as a hierarchical power structure which shaped basically everything in different society extremly impactfully.

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