So...a lot of non-Black people boosted a statement a month or two ago about antiblackness on here, which said:

"These structures are created by every one of us living with the status quo, normalizing it. For example by trying to stay out of conflicts, which is giving racists and harassers the impression that they can do whatever and it will be of no consequence."

However, it's glaringly obvious (to us, anyway) that this collective behavior hasn't changed, even though it's been clearly identified. The same goes for many other habits of white supremacy & antiblackness that weren't identified in that piece.

Just know that we see y'all.

So why are we complaining about this, given that all the evidence suggests that this...probably isn't going to change?

We have our reasons. 😇

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@noyovo Feel free to DM me when witnessing antiblackness, racist shit or harrasment. I'll report it to the admins for sure. The more people do that, the likelier consequences are taken.

@noyovo Any instance, I can send a DM to the admins asking them to moderate bad actors, also. I'm open for any other suggestions to take a stand, of course.

@ida Do you have a lot of people with EU flags on your instance/in your corner of fedi? You could start by challenging them for supporting a blatantly racist institution.

@ida Also, not against reporting if it seems useful, but public confrontations are also important & necessary

@noyovo True. I will decide for personal confrontation depending from the situation though. I'm sort of a coward since I got harrassed on Twitter once. That was a very unhealthy experience and I'm of no use for no one when overflowed with anxiety.

@ida Another thing that might work is if you have white friends or acquaintances who are better at that sort of thing, involving them. Different people can use different strengths. You can also collect receipts or track when mods/admins are responsive to reports vs. when they aren't.

@noyovo Haven't seen any yet, but I'll have that on my mind, thanks for suggesting.

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