hot take: capitalism, slavery, marxism 

Marxists, as a group, have tried to make the key element of capitalism the wage relationship & wage labour because their aversion to Black liberation is stronger than their dedication to historical materialism.

To say it again in a simpler/clearer (but longer) way:

- Capitalism is a system where capital (money for investment) rules the world.
- This system was built on slavery. It was also built on the work of "free" people, but slavery was super important. You can't ignore it.
- So anti-capitalist theory has to treat slavery as very important.
- Marxists are anti-capitalist theorists. But most of them don't treat slavery as important, even though slavery was happening everywhere when Marxism was created.
- They focus on "free" labour instead because it fits better with the rest of their worldview.
- So their worldview actually is very similar to the people they say they're against.
- Marxism even has principles that say people shouldn't let their worldviews get in the way of good theory, but they seem to do it a lot anyway. This is ironic.

hot take: capitalism, slavery, marxism 

@noyovo Thank goodness, this has been bothering me for ages. This identifies a lot of what makes me uncomfortable about the formulation of much leftist theory. Much left theory unnecessarily focuses on the idea that the problem is that you have to *sell* your labor to someone with capital.

But it would have been more parsimonious to define capitalism as a system whereby capitalists compensate workers less than the value that their work produces. The would have encompassed a larger range of exploitative relationships. Instead the *most* exploitative relationships in which the laborer has the least power are left out. Seems like it's not an accident.

re: hot take: capitalism, slavery, marxism 

@dark_soil Definitely not an accident.

hot take: capitalism, slavery, marxism 

@dark_soil @noyovo
Damn, I agree; workerism is so freaking reductive and misses the point, I hate it. I hadn't considered the anti-Black/ignorance of slavery fact of it all though. Super astute point. I learn so much from accounts like yall's, I love it. Thank you for what you do.😍

hot take: capitalism, slavery, marxism 

@dark_soil @noyovo not to be That Person but I really think the first 2 chapters of Black Marxism by Cedric Robinson should be mandatory reading for all non-Black Marxists and then supplemented by Black feminist anti-capitalist analysis like what Claudia Jones wrote while living in England (bc Black Marxism as a book was not great at thinking about gender or sexuality...)

hot take: capitalism, slavery, marxism 

@mooncake @dark_soil it's funny bc nonblack marxists love namedropping the book as if it supports them lol

hot take: capitalism, slavery, marxism 

@noyovo @dark_soil def showing how they book

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