now has a Wikipedia page 🎉

At the moment, though, most of the third-party sources which could be used to expand the article are openly hostile to the Black autonomist project. Seems like the best way to expand it at the moment is to cite 400+1's own media and to create pages/articles/whatever elsewhere on the internet that are informative without the hostility. (Those also help people who don't wanna turn to Wikipedia or mega-corporate social media to learn about or keep up with the autonomous zone!!)

Actually another big thing that would help is TRANSLATION or original material in languages other than english

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@noyovo Geez. This is the first I've heard of Orisha Land or 400+1 and I live in Austin. Off to do research. Thanks for bringing it up so I could happen across it.

@noyovo writer and community organizer Robert Saleem Holbrook has written about Black autonomous movements, so I emailed a tip to The Appeal which he has written for hoping to get his or maybe someone else's attention 🤞

@noyovo Also, maybe we could organize calls to the Austin mayor's office saying the group shouldn't be removed? Physical protection may be needed as well because Orisha Land has attracted outsized attention from fash and cops and some might come sniffing around hoping to intimidate and hurt people--and we already know police will do nothing if they do. Antifa and leftists in the area might be a helpful addition to OL's physical security. Getting some white people down there, if they care enough, may be the best protection really.

media outlet email template 

@noyovo This is from the tip email I wrote to The Appeal, if anyone else wants to use it as a basis for their own tip. The parts in square brackets in particular should be customized.

Subject: Orisha Land in Austin


I'm contacting you about this because [Robert Saleem Holbrook who has written about Black autonomous movements has written for you, though it may be of interest to your other contributors as well.]

The activist group 400+1 has set up an autonomous zone in Rosewood Park in Austin protesting the police killing of Jordan Walton and many others, naming the park Jordan's Place and the area Orisha Land.

There has not been much coverage about Orisha Land and it's getting alot of hostile attention from law enforcement outlets and the alt-right sphere, which I find concerning.

I think it might be helpful if there were more coverage about it that is not actively hostile and thinly-veiled calls for violence, whether by the state or other actors.

Here is 400+1's page about Orisha Land:

And here is the recently created Wikipedia page, which is a good round-up of currently available sources.

Thank you for reading, and keep up the good work.

[Sender's name]

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