Question about . Can any of you find a single article about it that isn't written by a cop when you search online? Very concerned about this, given that it's gotten a lot more attention from fascists, including local police, in the last few days. Can someone who's not fascist write about it? Can people work on a wikipedia page or something?


Non-Black fedi please consider this a direct appeal to show that you actually support Black liberation in a meaningful way. Our first post on here about got 59 books (linked below). We were kinda surprised that it was that popular & took that as a sign of interest/support. Please do something to help shore up this project's defenses so that it can survive, grow, & thrive rather than just be remembered after it's gone. If you would like to support in more direct ways than those suggested above or in the post please check out 400and1's social media to find out what they need most at this time.

Just don't like fucking post selfies with your fist up or hashtag BLM please.

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& this whole thread is another one yall are explicitly welcome to copypaste/rewrite *without attribution* to spread it beyond instances that RL federates with BTW

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@noyovo I'm also wondering if there's a way to connect with the Indigenous Anarchist Federation? Affiliation options : or maybe see if they would do a write-up of what's going on there.

It seems like most of the writing on the page could also easily be turned into an article for - I'm happy to collaborate with someone on the ground for that if it helps.

I'll see if I can think of other ways/places to get the word out, too. ^_^

@bouncinglime @noyovo also but not reachable from here since we blocked kolektiva (and idk if they are active over there)

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