"ignorant" isn't always an insult. there can be good or bad (or neither) reasons for someone to not know something

@noyovo there really needs to be nuance with the way we talk about ignorance, and a totally dismantling of placing a specific sort of intelligence up on a pedestal.

having or not having knowledge isn't a moral issue, its often an accessibility issue.

@glitter @noyovo Am I right that the world is at a place that knowledge is at all time lows of $ to acquire, its access to the spare time to learn things that is the biggest barrier today?


@LovesTha @glitter Sceptical - for one, how does one measure things like “cost of knowledge attainment” and “availability of spare time” over world history?

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@noyovo @glitter nearly everything can nowhere learned with no cash required, other than what western society largely considers normal tools for life.

Those outside those assumptions still have the entire knowledge of mankind more easily than someone born hundreds of years ago, just the difference may be between types of impossible.

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