Amazing how white supremacist @ppng is still boosting our posts like the linked thread never happened.

Pinning the above for a couple reasons:

1) He replied & made it clear he stands by his white supremacist politics
2) The way many of our followers who interact with lots of our posts including ones that are quite obviously not meant for them while ignoring brazen white condescension & hostility like this needs to be put on display

If anyone *doesn't understand* why this user's behavior is white supremacist, feel free to ask. We will explain.

If anyone *disagrees*, feel free to say that as well. Clarity is helpful.

Tired of the fake ass "support" & liberalism. Not gonna act like ignoring it is okay, at least not among nonblacks who claim to be pro-Black.

Black fedi users say this in general terms regularly & it's boosted all the time, but we have to go out of our way to write long ass comments like this about individuals who exemplify the kind of behavior we're talking about & **maybe** there is a response from **some** people. Maybe.

Happy fucking Black History Month.

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Notice which group he *didn't* say cares more about things that *directly affect them* than white sanders supporters :thinkin:

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@noyovo huh, it even says in the server rules for that instance: 'Continuing to engage in conversation with a user that has specifically has requested for said engagement with that user to cease and desist may be considered harassment, regardless of platform-specific privacy tools employed.' So they're not enforcing their own rules it seems 🤔

Thanks for this, I'm gonna report that user for a start and then decide what to do about that instance. I've no real interest in fedding with a server that describes itself as a shitposting engine and has a fart noise as Terms and Conditions...


🤔🤔🤔 kind of feels like he doesn’t give a fuck about the actual slavery and genocide since all he apparently cares about is how it’s an “attack” to tell people they don’t care enough about something

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@cosmic @noyovo

It's also specious logic to imply that if you support a better domestic social safety net militarism & exported oppression will magically wither away on their own, as ppng did. I hate to sound a billion years old in internet time, but 🎶 that's not how any of this works 🎶 Even Eisenhower ultimately figured that out. :/

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@xenophora @cosmic like even many other bernie fans don't try to make that claim lol

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