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Just a reminder that if you voted for Joe Biden or Donald Trump AND you are non-Black, you should not be following this account.

fascism, uspol[l] 

is the united states of america a fascist state? explanations welcome. we won't argue with anyone about their answer but *clarifying* questions may be asked & answered.

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@noyovo Wow.

"fine and noble"
"my vision"
"I have taken the time and money"
"CiViL DiScOuRsE" ×2!

Is @levels_check asleep on the job? Because the cryptofascist dog whistles per minute is off the charts right now.

this same mod (actually the instance admin! 🙂) goes on to frame the person saying "fuck off nazi" as The Real Violator. amazing.

Show thread mod defends their decision to leave a white supremacist on the instance:

Twitter is absolutely chaotic on this rn holy shit

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Bobby Shmurda's out.

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poll / don't cheat 

Checking if I am the only one always confused with this.

What happens when you vertically flip an image?


What do you think Cory Doctorow's net worth is?

analysis of white supremacy & antiblackness on wikipedia 

Okay. We scrolled through every single article featured on the english front page ( ) from 1 June 2020 through the end of this month, February 2021 (they're planned out in advance).

Out of all the featured articles, 64 were directly about an individual (the page title was just the name of the person).

Of those 64:
- 50 were white
- 1 was neither Black nor white
- 5 were Black
- 8 we couldn't tell (people from the ancient world mostly)

Of the 5 articles directly about Black individuals:
- 2 were about fictional characters

This was done very fast & loose, so anyone who wants to check our work or build on it is welcome to do so. Questions & comments also welcome.

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OK not bothering with this person but if you don't understand why this is BS & you follow us you're welcome to ask we'll explain.

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7,117 languages in the world,, and you choose to talk shit

Is it really "les Bahamas"? Not "Bahames" "Bahamique" or nothing? What a letdown.

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Useful site if you want to check which countries are restricted from playing a YouTube video.

Or the Political things that make people feel outrage, fear, hope, exhilaration

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