Palestine / general "movement" treadmill nonsense 

You all notice how these big "solidarity" marches are doing nothing to weaken israel or strengthen Palestinian (**especially** Black Palestinian) ability to break down the enemy themselves right.

You can all perceive this, correct?

*"Welcome to Miami" voice* Welcome to Ngazidja!

meta satire 

*eugen smiles, adds another tick mark on a whiteboard labeled "DAYS SINCE FEDI WAS MAD AT ME FOR WORKING FOR THE POLICE"*

heh heh heh.... 

hey sonic Ramadan is almost over you can stop fasting soon

Another day another accusation of unlicensed online posting

For anyone wondering why we're always blabbing about wikipedia but not editing wiki doesn't allow edits from VPNs or Tor

white hacktivist cont. 

halfway house in november, ankle monitor off in march. he's on IG

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white hacktivist 

What the hell just googled jeremy hammond to see when he was getting out & he's out? lmao totally missed that

WORDS ON THE WEB: Where do they come from? And where are they going? 🤔

"industrial democracy" is a way better term than "liberal democracy" or just "democracy" tbh

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Rather than needing direct control over the media as in dictatorships, industrial democracies control popular opinion using "filters" which prevent politically controversial ideas from reaching the public. Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman specify five filters, in particular: the concentration of media ownership to a few corporations, the need to please advertisers and funding sources, the reliance on government-provided sources, flak, and anti-communist ideology. These influences combine to prevent politically inconvenient knowledge and ideas from reaching the general public.

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sci-hub, cops note 

it is entirely possible that elbakyan is doing this as a strategy to make it a "public issue" tho

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sci-hub, cops 

the way various world cops are going after alexandra elbakyan but not after any of the libgen founders/operators suggests that not going out of your way to make your name and face public information is a good idea if you want to run things like these sites lmao.


just saw a post that had 118 boosts via our account but a reply said it had 395 boosts, fun to see the [non-]ripples of [non-]federation like that

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@oya @glitter also, please note! all color laser printers (and, unproven but we can assume for safety's sake, color inkjets as well) include "anti-counterfeiting" measures that print tiny dot patterns allowing any print to be traced to your specific model of printer. this can and has been used in non-counterfeit-related criminal cases. this has been a matter of public record for at least 15ish years, but still isn't super widely known afaik.

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Does the world know that the french military and cops are having columns in a newspaper where they literally call for a civil war to clean "ungovernable neighborhoods"*?

* it means black and arab people in french

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