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I must have been asleep all this time, since I didnt realise who will be behind the carbon capture techs.

Turns out the scotish government want to offset 1/4 of their emission by paying the oil industry to use their pipe the otherway around to store CO2.

1) I dont think there has been any substancial way to prove they can do the moving of CO2 and that it works eg. The carbon is sequestrated and not just released under the sea.

2) it is a quantity play. That mean it would only make sense if they can get as much CO2 from as little sources as possible.
So that basically means it will incentivise the worse poluter to do more polution since they will litterally get paid for it.

The gov needs 10 million tons to go away.
The oil company will take that contract and say pay us for the capacity then do not much. On the otherside they can say pay us for what we sequester and go to their mate making cement or iron, etc. and say I need as much CO2 as you can give me, here is a bit of money.

So we pay taxes to give to oil company to fix a problem they created with a solution that make the matter worse.

Carbon capture teh 

I knew those tech were bullshit.
I was thinking just wishful thinking/money into startup that do nothing kind of bulllshit.

I was so wrong

re: Carbon capture teh 

@nimp There _are_ early CCS technologies that are not bullshit, like supercritical carbonate mineral storage. But the use of CCS to permit continued use of fossil fuels is certainly bullshit. CCS should only be used for industries that are currently essential or indelible and emit a lot of CO2. For energy, we need to just shut down the emitting power plants. For transport, we need to ban planes and reduce car usage to the disabled or properly remote and make it CO2-neutral. Proposing CCS as a band-aid is just a scam.

Climate, scotish politics, oil companies 

@nimp fucking hell 👀

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