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sharing an essay on autoimmunity, blood work, hospitals, and pandemic. 

Here is an essay I've written to draw out my experience of getting blood tests lately.

💉 (1000 words)

Boosts appreciated!

monique wittig le corps lesbien 

Tu es exsangue. Tout ton sang arraché de force à tes membres attachés sort avec violence aux aines à la carotide aux bras aux tempes aux jambes aux chevilles, les artère sont grossièrement sectionnées, il s'agit des carotides des cubitales des radiales des temporales, il s'agit des iliaques des fémorales des tibiales des péronières, les veines en même temps sont maintenues ouvertes.[...] Chaque goutte de ton sang chaque jaillissement de tes artères frappant mes muscles me résonnent tout au long. Je ne peux pas bouger, j'attends un apothéose une fin glorieuse dans ce lieu où les couleurs fondamentales ne font pas défaut, je tremble devant les rouges clairs issus de tes artères, je le vois virer au noir dans les taches tout autour de toi et sur mon corps s'asséchant, je regarde le sang sombre sortir du bleu de tes veines, par endroits il est violet figé, je suis illumionée par l'or le noir de tes yeux, je ne te cherche pas ma vie, je te suis lè tout auprès, j'entends ton sang très précieux sortir de toi, il s'agit mon adorée d'une musique lancinante fabuleuse où ta voix où ma voix manquent.


"J’usurpe la place du desservant mâle, je l’occupe, cette place devient ma place ; et j’érige le texte, et je le délivre, et je l’administre, je l’expectore, je l’extraille ; alors je vois, alors je sens, comment le texte tient, s’il tient, s’il touche, s’il avance son étrave dans les corps, s’ils sont pris, si les lecteurs sont pris, et comment ils le sont. C’est du travail." M-H Lafon dans Chantiers

Looking for podcasts/interviews featuring and people! :boost_ok:

Topics and niches may include:
- blind writers/artists talking about craft
- blind systems theorists
- meditation
- blind QTBIPOC experience
- occultism
- christianity
- judaism
- martial arts
- decolonial practice

But also anything goes! I struggle to find audio content by blind folks online.

book-posting; publishing 

Dans le fond je suis allée me débarasser d'un livre titré Eugenics: The Science of Human life (pre-1930s I think) and the dude offered 30$ store credit which seemed like I great deal so I got

- Tous Les Hommes Sont Mortels, Beauvoir (collection folio imprimé 1964)
- Kant, Critique De La Raison Pure (GF early 2000s)
- Tournier, Le Vol Du Vampire (Notes De Lecture)

Mais honnêtement je cherchais juste du Marie-Hélèene Lafon et du Virginie Despentes so I went into a bookstore trance state that always happens everything just starts seeming so damn interesting.

But I already have Tous Les Hommes Sont Mortels.epub. Good thing holding it in my hands feels important. Idk part of me is like "e-ink has so much potential" and part of me is like "low-tech this entire life mx."

So as a person who writes I want my words to appear in print somewhere. The only time that's happened so far is a poetry zine made to share love with friends.

I've had two graduate articles accepted and I do not want to go through academic publishing at any higher level. No, I have burnt out enough already, thank you.

Newslettering was fun and I've got a surprising number of folks down to receive email from me on a monthly-or-less basis. When covid hit I sent 1 or more a week. Yikes.

sharing an essay on autoimmunity, blood work, hospitals, and pandemic. 

Here is an essay I've written to draw out my experience of getting blood tests lately.

💉 (1000 words)

Boosts appreciated!

equally exciting is that for the very first time I managed to get a localhost jekyll site to serve so I could view my updates live/offline instead of updating a web-server as I manage my dinky little page :kirby_happy:

sorting my glut of books 

I am moving to a small town, with a sedan's trunk of space. Sorting books is a real quandry. I accumulated too many paperbacks etc. in used bookstores during my undergrad.....

Mostly I think I'm gonna bring:

grammar/dictionary books; Not novels, since I mostly read those on an e-ink reader and get them off b-ok; definitely bringing my estranged father's Torah and Abraham Isaac Kook; for sure taking The Red Goddess and The Brazen Vessel; Testo Junky and Un Apartement Sur Uranus; I Hope We Choose Love; Phèdre+La Pharmacie de Platon (this is my personal challenge); Fanon, Foucault, Dorlin; My mom's copy of Ainsi Parlait Zarathoustra; Turn Illness Into A Weapon by the SPK (good ol' anti-psychiatry); The Right To Main; Potential History: Unlearning Imperialism; Atmospheres of Breathing; When The Sick Rule The World; And, maybe, The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism, but I'm not sure I like Zuboff's take.

This already seems like too much but ultimately I am trying to bring a syllabus for myself--making the decision not to go to grad school is exciting becuse I get to pick what's worth reading but it's a little overwhelming.

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