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y’all boosting some cis dude selfies but not my trans boobies

i’m kinda disappointed :<

moderation announcement regarding

we finally suspended, a French gov run instance mainly populated by very annoying folks (mansplainers, techbros, etc) and abusers

, we won't miss you 👋🏻

food, vegan 

i’m about to eat an ice cream on my bed at midnight, yay

communicating by light signals from one side of the city from another with my little sister 🔦

food, vegan 

what do i like in life?

drowning pasta in tomato sauce 🍅

it's nap time but one of your roommate is playing the complete Rage Against The Machine discography at very high volume on the second floor :thinkin:

no thanks to the customer with his poor mailbox password who got hacked :blobcatflip:

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is it the fame when people are sending full fishing campaigns using your company name? :fishthink:

i may be too hyped but i'm kinda thrilled by going full by 2022

i sometimes like stats at work, we are now indexing more than 135 000 documents on two different instances for full-text search in our email clients

franchement les cis, checkez votre transphobie

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