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grosses traces de bave sur l’oreiller

kids, dip your balls in

e s t r o g e n


je découvre les groupes Facebook, non-binaires, polyamoureuxses grâce à un ami et purée que c’est affligeant

i dream about something that doesn’t exist, then i wake up and google it 🤔


infra can't deal with more than 400 000 files in a single bucket, beware their shitty service

s3 storage means:

- An error occurred (NoSuchKey) when calling the GetObject operation: The specified key does not exist.

- An error occurred (InternalError) when calling the GetObject operation (reached max retries: 4): We encountered an internal error. Please try again.

it's been like this for a whole week now, nice isn't it?

i just realized that Leslie Feinberg was AFAB and not AMAB

yeah me 🤷🏻‍♀️

nourriture, vegan 

d’ailleurs j’ai bien assez de sushis comme ça dans ma vie pour en plus en mettre dans mon assiette

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nourriture, vegan 

les sushis c’est dégueulasse

sprinkle some Preciado magic on the fediverse

nice 123GB storage DB size to host a basic messaging server for 20 users...

storage is cheap, is the future 😂

tomorrow (May 12th), i’ll be:

food, vegan, french cuisine 

people are dying of pleasure now, i’m so happy haha

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food, vegan, french cuisine 

i cooked some mashed potatoes with thyme, garlic, salt and olive oil, with bourguignon smoked tofu and cauliflower

so proud when my friends do gay things, go ahead nasty folks

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