Je viens de finalement rΓ©ussir Γ  tuer le moustique qui me pique et me rΓ©veille toutes les 2h depuis minuit. Je vous souhaite une excellente fin de nuit et retourne Γ  mes rΓͺves. πŸŒ™

looking for news from someone 

open source contribution platform, poll, boost OK 

@ak i'm not sure to get the link between being volunteers and the need to work on a website...

There is a real problem, I strictly have no idea where to go for suggesting this. Is there a bug tracker somewhere? The information is so hard to find.

I tried this page:

Made me think to look at this one: but this doesn't makes sense cuz I can't find anything related to the public website

Do you know anything about Debian? Where I need to go to offer my help?

when will the horrible website (the GNU/Linux operating system) be redone?

it's really awful and must keep out a bunch of newcomers away

@dashie Bitfenix c'est pas forcément très cher et c'est plutôt pas mal.

J'ai eu un Phenom Mini-ITX, il Γ©tait super.

agression islamophobe 

i can summary my day with three words:

- vinegar 🍽
- transphobia πŸ’€
- friends πŸ’œ

only one was good to me, guess which one

ed, veganism, im fucking mad now - 

ed, veganism, im fucking mad now - 

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The Rage We have enough of all the systematic bias that destroy lives. We had enough of the patriarchy. We had enough of the colonialism and the racism. We had enough of the capitalistic system. No TERF, no SWERF, no Nazi, no Centrist The Love We care for each other We care for the living We care for the land