my mood is actually called: "The Robot With Human Hair Pt 1"

a song by Dance Gavin Dance:

last songs before bed, another powerful woman voice

Chika - NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

la meilleure ligne de basse du / des années 70' ?

Sister Sledge - Thinking Of You

on se véner un peu avec notre chanteuse bruxelloise préférée

Shay - Gazon

mom morceau favori de 1997 ? 🎶

Rocca - Les jeunes de l’univers

it's Sunday, let's listen to some delicious music

Anderson .Paak - The Season/Carry Me

c'est vendredi, le moment de mater et écouter un petit clip de b2o

Booba - Friday

so angry now, listening to this french song:

13 Block - Fuck le 17
(uncensored version you can't find on streaming platform anymore)

ça aurait pu être ma lettre aux mecs cis avec qui j'ai eu des romances tiens...

The Ass - Tank And The Bangas

i'm in love with this song, i really like listening to it while roller skating

Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill

it's nightfall here now, here is a track that match my mood at this time

Extrawelt - Soopertrack

i truly love this band 🎶

Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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