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i work at , a small co-op established in France, we are somewhat impacted by the coronavirus/lockdowns and hope we'll be able to survive this

if you're in need of digital services or your company is looking for a reliable provider please write us!

we offer a wide range of tailored services to match your needs, there isn't shiny stuff on top of it: it just works and you pay the right price for it

here is some stuff we do:
- audit and counsel on your existing infrastructure
- give learning lessons on many technical topics (from beginners to advanced)
- develop, deploy & maintain your website (personal, company's, e-commerce...)
- host your instance
- host software ( and his forks, , , ...)
- provide email+contacts+agendas accounts with
- host instant messaging instance
- ... anything else you need

check out our website: and don't hesitate to boost this message

thanks! 🙏🏻

work, promotion, IT services 

@mthld I put it on linked in, hope that is ok with you

work, promotion, IT services 

@kyzh yeah, sure! thanks for the help :sparkles_indigo:

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